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What I’m eating

Thanksgiving things

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. No {infatuation friday} today; I’m spending time with the fam.

But for your reading pleasure, here’s a list of the food we had for dinner yesterday. Have a great day! And please be careful if you’re out in that Black Friday mess (you know I won’t be there).

Anyway, here’s what we ate yesterday. Recipes are linked.

You can see some of the ideas I didn’t end up using on my Thanksgiving board.


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I’m still enjoying the last few hours of my three-day weekend, so I’ll share some photos with you.

Friday night, I went to Wings U with Josh, my sister and her boyfriend, Mike. That blue drink is an Electric Blue cocktail, which was very sweet and delicious. Mike had a Long Island Iced Tea. The drinks there are fantastic. They also have a wide variety of beer, though Josh just had a Miller Lite.

Saturday night, a group of us met at my sister’s place to watch some football. My sister made two kinds of queso dip and some Red Velvet cupcakes and bought some mini corn dogs. I made chili and deviled eggs and bought some jalapeño poppers (gotta love T.G.I.Friday’s). Of course, there was also lots of chips and dip.

…And my sister’s friend brought five pounds of peanuts!

I spent the rest of the weekend Just hanging out and enjoying myself. For more photos from this weekend, check out my Instagram.

I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend!

{infatuation friday}

Read. Comment. Enjoy.

  1. Veggie Chili. I made this Wednesday night when my sister and bestie came over for dinner. It’s a chili I created based off this weight watchers recipe. So yummy with corn muffins!
  2. Warrior. I’ll be honest, when Josh first turned on this movie I had every intention of sleeping through it (since it was my bedtime). But,  turns out I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for more than five minutes. I’m not saying this is the best movie ever (there were parts that really irritated me), but thanks to the MMA-based storyline (it’s about two brothers fighting in the UFC to win money), it was definitely action-packed in a different way than what I usually watch.
  3. White Chicken ChiliThis was last night’s dinner. I’ve never made it before, but fully trust Taste of Home (where I found the recipe). I had to add more beans to thicken the chili, but it turned out to be pretty good. Despite all the onion (there was a lot!) Josh loved this meal. It went perfectly with tortilla chips.
  4. Football. Alabama’s season kicks off tomorrow night, and I am totally stoked. I’m going over to my sister’s house to watch the game (after we watch the Gators play… ew) and eat some awesome tailgate food. I’ve been mentally prepping for this for weeks. If you don’t believe me, just check out my football pin board.
  5. Pimp My HairIf you have never tried this app, go download it now. I absolutely love it! My best friend discovered that once you place a wig on a photo, if you put an Instagram filter on it, it looks more realistic. Too funny.
  6. Chicken Salad. I have been wanting some homemade chicken salad for nearly a month, and I finally got to eat some for lunch yesterday.  I quickly threw together some canned chicken with mayo, mustard, grapes (cut in half), chopped celery, sliced almonds and a bit of oregano and ground pepper. It was perfect–exactly what I wanted.
  7. Elections. The presidential elections are swiftly approaching, and I still don’t know who I’ll vote for. I’m keeping an open mind and doing some research before I make my decision. So I’ve made a pin board to collect the helpful information I’ve found. Feel free to use it as education for yourself too.
  8. Tea. Hot tea. Iced tea. Good ol’ southern sweet tea. You name it, I’m probably drinking it. I’ve always liked tea, but I’ve kind of been drinking an obnoxious amount lately. No regrets.
  9. Oldify. This is a really creepy app that let’s you see how you’d look as an old person. Of course, I had to know. I looked like a zombie. So did everyone else. So weird.
  10. Marzipan. This weekend, my dad shared some dark chocolate marzipan (from Ritter Sport) with my sister and me. It tasted like an almond joy, minus the almonds and just a tad more bitter. When we ate it, it was just starting to get melty. But I imagine it would be awesome frozen (I kind of really love frozen chocolate).

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