My sister

My sister, Ashley, has been my closest friend since I was 16 months old. We’ve laughed and cried together, sneaked watching Goosebumps together, created stories together, drew on walls together and harassed our cousins together.

My last relationship put a little strain on our relationship, but we got through it. (And now I swear to never let that happen again.) I’m so blessed that she and Josh get along.

We tried living together, but that didn’t really work out. We fought way too much–more than the normal sisterly wars. Now we’ve moved into separate apartments, and we actually hang out more than before.

She’s engaged to this guy named Mike, who also happens to be my friend (and he makes a delicious apple pie). I’m kind of really stoked that he’s going to be my brother-in-law.

If there were ever a movie about us, I would hope the theme song would be Sisters from White Christmas.

Read more about her.

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