Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I’m still enjoying the last few hours of my three-day weekend, so I’ll share some photos with you.

Friday night, I went to Wings U with Josh, my sister and her boyfriend, Mike. That blue drink is an Electric Blue cocktail, which was very sweet and delicious. Mike had a Long Island Iced Tea. The drinks there are fantastic. They also have a wide variety of beer, though Josh just had a Miller Lite.

Saturday night, a group of us met at my sister’s place to watch some football. My sister made two kinds of queso dip and some Red Velvet cupcakes and bought some mini corn dogs. I made chili and deviled eggs and bought some jalapeño poppers (gotta love T.G.I.Friday’s). Of course, there was also lots of chips and dip.

…And my sister’s friend brought five pounds of peanuts!

I spent the rest of the weekend Just hanging out and enjoying myself. For more photos from this weekend, check out my Instagram.

I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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