I am a recent college grad, and I’m still trying to figure out which direction to go next. This is a blog for me to try to do just that.

I like to try new styles of writing and discuss a variety of topics ranging from food to technology to life as I know it. I write as often as I can, but occasionally miss a post here and there (because life often happens when we least expect it, right?). I’m also kind of a digital social butterfly; talk to me sometime!

Here’s a little about me…


typingI like to write. So when I realized I could choose a career in which I could do what I love every day, I was all over it. And the coolest part is my writing can make some positive impact. I love that I can share other people’s stories or give important information to those who need it. What an awesome opportunity, right?

However, this girl is still hunting for something to call a career. If you or someone you know is looking for a blogger, freelancer, content writer, social media manager or any other journo-related worker, hit me up. I’d love to show you what I have to offer (beyond what you see here, of course).


blogI’ve been blogging since I was a teenager. I started with GeoCities (not really a blog, I know, but I count it since it set the stage for everything I do now), then moved through Blogspot and Tumblr before acquiring several different blogs here on WordPress. What can I say? I have lots of ideas!

Now that I’m all cozy here, I take more time to read other blogs for inspiration.

You can find a list of my favorite blogs and websites here.

Recent College Grad.

c6ec374096ec11e180d51231380fcd7e_7I’ve been an Alabama alum since May 2012. I majored in journalism and minored in English.

I wish I had lots of cool stories to tell about the four years I spent at UA, but I don’t really. I spent my freshman year holed up in my dorm being anti-social; my sophomore year covering any and every Crimson White story I could get my scrawny fingers on; junior year crying about a breakup and pretending to fit in with the party scene; and senior year wishing May would come more swiftly.

Okay, so maybe there are a few stories to tell there, but we’ll save those for another day.

Roll Tide Roll!

Let's discuss!

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