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Up For Discussion: Nighttime Movies and Television

Poor Josh. He’s had to endure countless hours of Seinfeld and American Dad in the past three weeks.

Remember how I told you I thought I had converted him to a Seinfeld almost-fan? Yeah, about that…

I get in these bedtime routines. They change every now and then. But right now, I watch Seinfeld or American Dad as I try to fall asleep. (We’re going to disregard that TV is counter-productive to actually going to sleep, kay?)

And Josh is such a champ about it. He’ll kindly suggest something–anything–different. But he loves his action-packed and suspenseful films. And me? Well, I like ’em too. Just not when I’m trying to sleep (they creep into my dreams; it’s so weird).

So around 3 a.m. this morning, when I just couldn’t sleep (and he happened to still be awake too), I told him to pick a movie. I was finally tired enough to pass out anyway, so I didn’t care what he put in the DVD player. I figured no matter what we watched, I’d still be able to sleep.

He watched Disturbia. Well, he only watched about 30 minutes before he turned it off to go to sleep. And this girl just laid there with her eyes closed.

I have no idea when I finally fell asleep, but I had weird dreams that may or may not have resulted from the movie. I’m telling you, my brain is so finicky when it comes to my trying to sleep.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. Do you watch TV before you go to sleep, and if so what sorts of things do you watch? How do you battle movies and shows slipping into your dreams (if that’s even an issue for you)? Seriously… I gotta know I’m not alone here!


{infatuation friday}

A few more things I like:

  1. Twenty-something things. Since her 30th birthday is soon (I think?), Mrs. How Sweet keeps posting links to her Tuesday Things from Thought Catalog about being in your twenties.  Like 15 Ways 20-Somethings Ruin Their Twenties, Friendship in Your 20s and 19 Pieces of Advice You’ll Need To Make It Through Your Twenties. Gah… I needed this.
  2. French Bread Pizza. This was our dinner last night. My best friend shared her family’s super-simple recipe with me so I could make it. And then Josh cooked it. It was yum!
  3. Temporary homes. I read this post earlier in the week and even shared it with my friends on Facebook. I cannot explain to you how I felt as I read it. I reminded me of my past apartments. It reminded me of the houses Josh has rented. It reminded me how beautiful words can be. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time. It made me want to reread it with my best friend while we both say things like This! and Oh my god… and I know, right. But, most of all, it made me appreciate (in a weird way, more than ever before) the past four years of my life. Huh… I probably should’ve ended on that.
  4. Illustrated Tweet of the Day. This is probably my favorite part of HelloGiggles, besides the Nails of the Day (which shouldn’t matter to me, seeing as how I bite my nails too much to worry with polish). Anyway, I stumbled on this lovely Tweet of the Day and thought That is so my life. My family can attest to my procrastination. So can my best friend. And my boyfriend. Probably anyone who’s worked on a group project with me… maybe this has gotten out of control.
  5. Breaking Bad. Josh and I started watching this from the first season this week. I can’t explain why I like it, but I do. Agh… it’s just awesome.
  6. Bubble Mania. I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but my dad says he loves him some Bubble Mania. It’s free in iTunes.
  7. Propel Zero. We bought some of the strawberry-kiwi powder last week, and I take it to work every day. I’m not a huge fan of water (it’s so tasteless… ick!) so this sort of tricks me into drinking more water and hopefully preventing myself from dehydrating. And I really like that it doesn’t turn my water pink or green or anything.
  8. Pumpkin Muffins. Another delicious treat via the bestie. She made a batch and brought half to me. She said she changed the recipe just a little–something about adding a bit of spice, I think. And I’m 99 percent sure she added cinnamon to the powdered sugar. Mmmm…
  9. No Doubt. My sister informed me this week that “NO DOUBT is backkk!!!” Apparently she’s a little excited. Anyway she sent me this brief Rolling Stone piece about the release of their new album, which happens next month.
  10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Yes, that is a movie I linked to. I’m not entirely sure when it will be released (the most specific date I’ve found was sometime in September, though I’m not sure if it’s true). Usually I get upset about books turned into movies. However, in this case I’m comforted by the fact that Stephen Chbosky is the screenplay writer and director of the movie. And just look at that cast list. I know it won’t be all I imagined from the book (that’s just impossible), but I do have high hopes for it. For those of you who haven’t read the book, do.

Have any ideas for this weekly post? Send them to me via email or Facebook. Don’t forget to follow me around the web for updates you won’t see here!

{infatuation friday}

A few things I like this week:

  1. Both of Us. I really love the contrast of Taylor Swift’s sweet-sounding voice with B.o.B.’s raps. But maybe I’m biased because I like both of them anyway.
  2. My new dress. I was having a bad day earlier this week, so I decided to try some retail therapy (something I rarely do). I tried hitting up the sales racks at Target (they had a huge sale, with several items up to 75 percent off!), but they had been picked over. I looked around anyway, and saw this dress. It was still full-price, but when I tried it on I fell in love. It’s super cute and feels phenomenal. Normally, I never buy clothes at full-price–I always wait for dresses to fall below $20 (sometimes less, depending on the material and season). But I knew I’d wear this dress again and again, so the $25 tag was okay with me.
  3. Cuddles and Rage. I feel like I’ve heard of this blog before, but I am now totally obsessed. I posted the “Supper with a Sloth” photo to my personal Facebook last week. I’m telling you, these characters are hee-larious.
  4. Exercise. We’ve been trying to come up with fun new ways to exercise since neither of us really likes to run. We’ve talked about Parkour and CrossFit, but I’m kind of a wimp so that hasn’t happened. Instead, we hung out at our apartment’s playground yesterday . Unfortunately, it’s built for kids ages 5-12, so it’s too small to do anything productive. However, there is a huge grassy area next to the playground. So we decided to bust out some old gymnastics/cheerleading moves (in the spirit of the Olympics?). The result? Two injured fingers. I bruised my pinky. Josh did something to make his ring finger swell. My guess is he just bruised it pretty badly, but we’re keeping an eye on it to be safe. I tell ya, we get into the weirdest shenanigans.
  5. Chuck. I started watching this around Thanksgiving(ish) when I was visiting family and my uncle was watching it (he owns all fives seasons). I watched probably four episodes in one day (45 minutes long, each). I was obsessed, so he sent me back home with the first two seasons on DVD. Josh started watching it with me somewhere in season two. Now I’ve borrowed season three, and it’s become a nightly thing for us. One episode per night. We usually reluctantly stop there.
  6. Seinfeld. I’ve been a Seinfeld fan for years (I think I started watching it when I was in junior high). Josh, however, grew up disliking Seinfeld. But I think I’ve converted him! We watch it almost every night after Chuck. We’re actually going through the episodes in the order they aired. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before with this show.
  7. Rubbermaid Easy Find LidsI got a set of these for Christmas, but didn’t open them until we moved into the new apartment. I am in love. They’re great for storing leftovers, but even better for packing lunches to take to work. The only problem? I need more!
  8. Facebook Pages Manager. I’ve heard a little about this app over the past few weeks, but there hasn’t been much hype about it. I downloaded it Wednesday night (since I recently created a page for this blog) but haven’t had much of a chance to use it. I’m not sure if there’s any more incentive to use this app than there is to use the regular Facebook app. It seems to me it would be easier to keep everything on one app. If you’ve used it, I’d like to know what you think.
  9. The PolishAholic. I rarely paint my fingernails. That’s because I’m usually too busy biting them. But on the off-occassion that I quit for a few weeks and let them grow a little, I get obsessed with nail polish. This blog is almost inspiration enough for me to quit again (for good? probably not…) so I have a reason to buy pretty new polishes, like the Super Mario Bros Collection from Dollish Polish (yes, I want them all).
  10. Dutch Treats. I saw some hagelslag on Pinterest a few days ago, and it reminded me of the times when my dad would bring some to me and my sister after his trips overseas. That made me really, really want some. So he sent me a link to The Little Dutch Girl, a shop that sells lots of things from Holland. Now I also want some stroopwafels. Yum!

Did I miss anything good? Let me know in the comments!