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Humpday Happiness 10.16.2013

humpdaycamelHappy humpday to ya!

Despite that I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday, and despite that I spent the entirety of that not-Wednesday fighting a killer headache, I’m feeling pretty happy today if for no other reason than today is Wednesday and I’m headache-free.

Here are some other things that have been making me happier lately:

A pumpkin pie Blizzard at DQ


Thanksgiving chipmunks


“The Little Mermaid” as a Happy Friday gift from Josh


Throwbacks with Breaking Benjamin


Dinner with the bestie


My cousin’s wedding


Pumpkin Spice Latte


Batman: Our neighbors’ husky puppy


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Humpday Happiness: 9.18.2013

Guess what day it is!

I have a confession to make. Last time I shared some humpday happiness, I had not seen the Geico commercial. Had never even heard of it. I shared that camel meme thinking it was just a funny pun about humpday. Go figure.

Well, I’ve since seen the commercial and totally get the reference now. And I feel a little less foolish. Just a little, though.

Anyway, here’s what’s been making me happier lately:

A brightly-colored lock screen and home screen on my iPhone


A trip to Chicago last month


A put-put date with Josh on an interesting course


A mid-week date at Cheddar’s 


Homemade colloidal oatmeal


Peach Sangrias on the blog


My straw collection


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5 Ways to Honor Lives Lost on Sept. 11

91113It’s crazy to think that 12 years have passed since the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. It kind of feels distant and fresh at the same time. But I’m sure the pain is still prevalent for people who lost friends and family that day, which is all the more reason to continue to honor those who lost their lives.

Here are five ways you can do that:

  1. A Moment of Silence. Take a moment to meditate, pray or remember the lives lost. They are still with us, in a way, if we continue to keep their memories alive.
  2. Do Something Good. Do something to make a positive impact, whether that be for your neighbor or coworker, for your community or for your nation. Get some ideas here.
  3. Share. Post a photo or status on your social media accounts about how you’re honoring the lives lost.
  4. Talk it Out. Because the attacks happened 12 years ago, most children, tweens and teens have no recollection of the events unfolding, either because they were too young to remember or they weren’t yet here. Parents, teachers and mentors: let them know what everyone is talking about and why it’s important. (Scholastic has some tips for talking to kids about war and violence.)
  5. Live. We should definitely take time to remember the lives lost on 9/11, but we also need to continue with our lives. Remember that this day is also someone’s birthday or anniversary. They should be able to celebrate.