Write On!

pen“Do I live to write? Or do I write in order to live my life as I do?”
Susan Mitchell, Notes Toward a History of Scaffolding

I like to write. It’s just what I do. But while a good portion of my time goes into this blog, it doesn’t pay the bills (and, honestly, doesn’t give me all the journalistic cred I need). You might be surprised at the variety of topics I write about.

I keep a running portfolio on Pinterest, but here are some samples of my journalistic work:

Equipment World and ProPickup magazines:

Opinion Writing course:

Profile story (from a Beat Reporting course):

Crimson White clips:

If you’re more interested in my social media work, you can check out any of my personal/blog-related social media outlets or you can view my professional Twitter, ProPickup’s Twitter or ProPickup’s Facebook.

If you have any questions regarding my work, feel free to contact me at xarbamax[at]gmail[dot]com or fill out the contact form.

Let's discuss!

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