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Valentine’s surprises


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I got a nice Valentine surprise yesterday when I came home and found a card with my name on it waiting in the basket where Josh and I put our keys. I opened it and gushed about how sweet it was that he bought that for me.

But there was more.

jcardHe also bought me The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve talked about really wanting to watch it since before it even hit theaters (I loved, loved, loved the book). It was so nice because I wasn’t even expecting anything (we had agreed on no  gifts this year), but also because he listened (it’s not like I’ve raved about that movie–I’m pretty sure I only mentioned it a few times). It made me feel really special.

On a separate note, I adore that I’m not too old to get Valentines from my mom, who sent me a super sweet card and has reminded me that she loves me at least four times in the last four hours.

mcardI’m also loving the e-cards and status updates I’ve seen in the past 24 hours or so. Particularly these Valentines for journalists (and theseand these). Plus, TheSkimm has been sharing Law & Order Valentines on Facebook (though, not to be a prude, I think one in particular goes too far–you’ll know it when you see it). There are also these Supreme Court Valentines (via WSJ & Georgetown Law Weekly) that I chuckled at.

Celebrating this weekend (like Josh and I are)? You could totally make one of these treats for your hunny (or yourself).

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Jolly Holiday

wreathintroMost people around the web are starting to discuss 2013, but I’m still trying to finish Christmas things. In fact, I just celebrated Christmas with Josh’s family last night! With that in mind, we’ll talk about the new year and resolutions later. I still owe you a Christmas recap!

So far, I’ve celebrated Christmas four times, and that doesn’t include parties. It also doesn’t include Christmas with Josh. We’re still trying to catch our breath and haven’t had a moment to celebrate together (we’re making it happen this week).

Gifts from Ash and HilThis Christmas was kind of weird. Not just because it was a bit of a whirlwind (and I say “bit” in an ironic way more than anything else). But this was the first Christmas since I was about 17 months old that I haven’t spent with my little sister. I have a hard enough time accepting that I’m a grown-ass adult. But accepting that my baby sister is growing up? Forget about it. So when she spent this Christmas in another state with her fiance, the realization that my sister is, in fact, a grown woman kind of slapped me in the face. I still don’t know how I haven’t cried about it.

Gifts from Mom and familySo, because we wouldn’t have a chance to  see each other on Christmas day this year, I celebrated Christmas with her and my best friend about a week early. Thanks to our jobs earlier that day and a birthday party that evening, we had a very small window that left just enough time for gift-opening. We usually go all-out, with lots of gifts and stockings and going out to dinner for a girls’ night, but that just wasn’t in the cards this year. Honestly, though, I was just grateful to spend time with those ladies.

Some gifts from DadI spent the most time with my mom–three full days and two partial days. I spent most of my time there wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas day; the rest of the time was spent just chilling and doing nothing. Because of storms, I wasn’t able to leave Christmas day like I planned. Instead, I spent the day playing with my 3- and 4-year-old cousins (which was so awesome because I rarely get to see them).

Josh and I saw my dad and step mom this weekend for less than 24 hours. We drove through the light show at the local botanical gardens and watched movies. (We do it big in my family–and stress-free!)

Gifts from Josh's familyAnd, of course, last night Josh and I spent time with his family. We gave his nieces some adorable little stuffed animals (the oldest–3 years old–wouldn’t let go of the toy we gave her; she kept it tucked under arm as she opened the rest of her gifts). We exchanged gifts, then played a new game Josh’s mom made up where we have to guess what’s wrapped. Later, we went to his grandmother’s house for Dirty Santa.

We got home at 10 last night, and it felt like it was at least midnight. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually ready for the Christmas festivities to end. (Who would’ve guessed, right?) I think my exact words to Josh were “I’m ready for Christmas to be over” just before I passed out.

Our tree is still up today. Part of me wants to take it down, but I want to look at it when Josh are finally able to exchange gifts. Maybe I’ll have time to move into 2013 next week.