My mom

My mom raised my sister and me nearly single-handedly. She has been a source of strength for me since I was seven years old, and even when I’m piping mad at her I still can’t deny I need her.

She’s been the one I called after breakups (and sometimes before), when I was rejected for jobs or when I was sick. I can call her anytime of day or night, and she’ll be there for me (sometimes literally… she’s driven two hours to stay with me when I was sick). And, of course, I know she’ll celebrate with me when the good times roll in.

She’s almost always supportive of the things I want to do. When I wanted to cheer, she enrolled me in cheerleading classes to up my chances of making the squad (it worked!). She helped me find scholarships when I decided to enroll at Alabama. Even when I talked about going to grad school in Michigan, she looked for information to help me find out how to apply (though I eventually decided not to go that route).

My mom is constantly reminding me to keep my faith. She raised me in a church and has encouraged me to find a new church home now that I’ve moved out. Last Christmas, she gave me my favorite miniature manger of hers because I had no decorations to display why I celebrate Christmas (which had me in tears).

These are just a few of the things my mom does and has done for me over the years. I’m sure you’ll read more as I blog.

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