{infatuation friday}


  1. Thanksgiving. With the holiday season approaching, I’ve been planning ferociously. Something always seems to go wrong (two years ago, the food wasn’t ready until 9 or 10 at night; last year, I thought my mom and I were going to kill each other in the kitchen), so I’m doing everything I can to keep my home stress-free November 21-23. Want to see some of my plans (and food fantasies)? Check out my Thanksgiving board. Then share your planning process (or lack thereof, if that’s the case) in the comments.
  2. Black Friday. I make it a general rule to stay home and eat leftovers/sleep a lot on Black Friday. For me, a shiny new gadget isn’t worth a shanking. But for those of you who do go for the deals the day after Thanksgiving, my step mom suggests preparing at this Black Friday site. Coupon Pro Blog also has a section dedicated to Black Friday, and I think it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on, especially as the big day gets closer.
  3. Cyber Monday. Of course, we can’t discuss Black Friday without mentioning Cyber Monday (my preferred way of seeking out deals). I haven’t come across any particularly good coupon or deal sites covering Cyber Monday yet, but I’ll keep an eye out. Some of my favorite places to look have been Tiger Direct, Buy.com and ThinkGeek.
  4. Chocolate Cupcakes. I was under the impression that today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. I was misinformed. Now I may have to go eat a chocolate cupcake just to get over this.
  5. Christmas. So, I’ve kind of been ready for Christmas since before Halloween rolled around. (There’s a good chance I was humming Christmas tunes in September.) Now the Christmas sections in my favorite stores have started growing, and I’m using it as an excuse to legitimize my holiday obsession. Yesterday, I spent a solid 30 minutes perusing Christmas decorations. (By the way, why didn’t these exist when I was in college? And if they did, why didn’t I know about them? It would have been perfect for my dorm!)
  6. Instagram. Have you seen the new Instagram web profiles? I am super excited about these. I’m weird. I know. (Seriously, though, go look at mine!)
  7. I.D. Around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, I realized I didn’t have my driver’s license. Today, I found out my mom has it (four hours away). Here’s what I said about it on Facebook: “I couldn’t find my driver’s license after I voted on Tuesday and have been freaking out since. I almost went to the courthouse to get a new one today, but figured I’d take the weekend to look one last time. Got a call from [mom] tonight that she got it in the mail. Someone found it in the parking lot of the civic center and mailed it to the address on the license. Can’t even begin to explain the excitement/relief I feel right now!” She’s sending me the envelope and letter the person sent with my I.D. Honestly, this is probably the most excited I’ve ever been to write a thank-you note.
  8. Facebook Messaging. I thought I might get used to the new changes in Facebook’s messages, but it’s been a few weeks and I still don’t like them. Well, some of them. I like the new organization–it’s way easier to find old messages, which I can totally dig. But the things I don’t like are 1) there’s this “active” feature (at least on the iPad) that tells you when someone was last on Facebook or if they are currently on (CREEPY!); and 2) messages that have been read are marked as “seen” for the sender (ummm… what if I don’t want to reply?). Way to make stalking easier, Facebook. Thanks for that.
  9. Election Stuff. I’m going to briefly point out a few non-presidential key points from Tuesday’s elections before moving on. First, we’ve seen some huge gains for the ladies in Congress (77 women in the House of Representatives, 20 women elected to the Senate and lots of other cool happenings). Two states legalized marijuana (though it may not mean much, since sale, distribution and possession are still federal crimes). Also, four states experienced major leaps toward marriage equality.
  10. Cords. I am super stoked that corduroys are back in style! (Not so much in love with the jacket and skirt trends as I am with the pants.) I’m kind of in love with ON’s Rockstar Cords. Seriously considering buying a pair soon.

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(Last two photos via here and here.)

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