I heart food.

It’s true. I love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it, and I love writing about it.


Once upon a time, I ran a food-centered blog. Seriously, everything on this blog had to do with food. I stopped writing there and I began a simpler version on Tumblr, which mostly consisted of pictures and recipes I find. (I no longer update it, but you can still look through the archives.) Despite my ditching the food blog, I still find myself writing about food, and I can’t resist taking pictures of good-looking food. That’s why I’ve created categories for what I’m eating, what I’m cooking and what I plan to make. Because, let’s be honest, food isn’t going to leave my mind.

Check out the categories here:

For all you pinners, I have several food pin boards available for you to follow. These exclude my seasonal and holiday boards.
(Click each photo to see corresponding board.)

appsbelow the borderbottoms upbreadburgersetccasserolesetcsidesgeneral recipespairspizzaandpastasaladslowcooksmoothiessnackssoupsetcbreakfastsweetstea

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