{infatuation friday}

Pick my brain again this week:

  1. Egg muffins. I made these earlier in the week, but couldn’t tell you then how they tasted since I had yet to try them. Well, they were supah-yum! What I didn’t like is that, despite all the protein, I was hungry again an hour after eating two muffins. They were also a little gummy (thanks, microwave!) but I think they would be delicious when eaten fresh. So… I’m thinking a brunch is in my near future. (P.S. I’m definitely adding more cheese and spices next time.)
  2. Doodle Cat. Zed’s Alchemy meets all things cat. I am in love.
  3. Magic Piano. This app lets you pretend you’re playing the piano. Little lights float down the screen to show you when you should tap and where. There are no keys. I’ve mastered Fur Elise and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. On a real piano, I can only jam out to Chopsticks.
  4. Good News. In light of all the recent bad news, a local radio station did a little segment this morning where people call and talk about the good things happening in their lives. Although I didn’t know these people, I was thrilled to hear their good news. This segment inspired me to invite others to join, both on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to share your good news, either post a comment, or tweet using the hashtag #MyGoodNews. I can’t wait to read your good news!
  5. Moving. I’m ready for this move to be finished. I don’t want to see another box for a long time (and by that, I mean when I move again in, like, the next year).
  6. Booze. Because my birthday is in less than one week. What?!?!
  7. Wine. I know I just brought up drinkies, but this is a little different. I’ve kind of been going through a wine phase lately–like, the kind of phase where I feel adventurous and want to try new things (but not too adventurous; I still have to keep it pretty cheap). It’s odd, especially since the past year has been all about the beer for me (I can probably thank Josh for that). Whatever.
  8. The presidential election. It hit me this week that this is approaching very, very quickly. I have a lot of research to do in the next few months.
  9. Budgeting. This is something I have to start doing. I have a few ideas, like this envelope system I found on Pinterest (though I’m not sure how I feel about having that much cash in one place… even in my own home). I’ll definitely start writing down my budget and keeping better track of my small purchases. Because every little bit counts!
  10. Stress-free living. I worry too much. I know this. And if I didn’t know it, Josh and my bff would be there to remind me and to try to shake it out of me. So my belated halfway-to-New-Year’s resolution is to quit stressing. Now, someone hold me to it.

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