What I’m into this week

I’ve discovered a few cool new things things this week. And now you get to know about them too.


  1. Dartitup
    During a social media meeting at work, someone brought up dartitup as an outreach tool for one of our sister magazines. I had never heard of it, so of course I had to check it out for myself. Essentially, dartitup is Pinterest for guys. I haven’t really looked into it, because it seems to be a collection of motorcycles and hot chicks (and other stereotypical bro-type things). As you know, I am in love with Pinterest, so I had to know more about dartitup, which resulted in me signing up my boyfriend. He’s not really into social media and hasn’t done much with his account (which I guess is what I get for making that decision for him), so I don’t really know much more about it at this point. If you’ve tried it, let me know your thoughts!
  2. Front Porch Margaritas
    My dad made these over the weekend while I was visiting him. They were really interesting. The recipe calls for one can of frozen limeade, 2 cans of beer, and some tequila (fill up the empty limeade can to measure your tequila) all dumped into a pitcher and stirred. It was super-easy to make and tasted pretty good, but I can’t say it beats a classic margarita.
  3. Mind Body Green
    I found this blog through Rachel Wilkerson. Although this site is geared toward the yoga-enthusiast, they seem to have lots of great tips about life in general. I was a huge fan of their posts about getting the best sleep and bringing food education back.
  4. Hello Giggles
    Do you know how to roast garlic? Because I sure as heck didn’t until I stumbled on this website (again, thanks to Rachel Wilkerson). These folks have a place for just about everything on their site. You can find recipes, how-to posts, beauty, entertainment… the list goes on. P.S. It was co-created by Zooey Deschanel.
  5. Foodspotting
    I’m not sure if this is a new thing or if it just hasn’t really caught on where I live, but there isn’t much foodspotting going on in my city. Still, I can’t help but fall in love with it. You can find dishes other people suggest at restaurants near you and mark them as “want,” “tried” or “loved.” You can spot dishes by uploading photos of food and drinks you try. You can find particular types of food in your area. You can also follow people, places and dishes (though I’m still not sure why you would follow dishes). Oh, and there’s an app for that.
  6. Zed’s Alchemy
    The point of this app is to create things. You’re given four basic elements—water, fire, earth and air—and from those elements you build new elements. You can combine as many elements as you can make until you get all 380 elements. Some of my favorites include R2D2, Dr. Zoidberg and CatDog. If you’ve tried this version of Alchemy, what are some of your favorite creations?
  7. Diablo 3
    My boyfriend was really stoked about this game for a long time before it launched. Apparently a lot of people were—probably because they’ve waited eight years for it. It finally launched this week, but not without a few hitches. And by a few, I mean a lot. The bf spent hours downloading the game (because I have wonderful internet service), only to have the server crash within five minutes of starting the game. And I guess this happened to a lot of people. Frequently. Within minutes, a video about the whole ordeal emerged. Also, I figured eight years’ worth of programming should have made the game at least a little more difficult. My boyfriend beat it in just a few days (about 17 hours total). If you played (or are playing) this game, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!
  8. Duck Dynasty
    I’m probably way behind on television because I’d never heard of Duck Dynasty before this weekend. I watched a few episodes from this season with my boyfriend, my dad and some of my dad’s neighbors. My favorite quote: “Beavers are like the ninjas.”
  9. All things granola
    I found these two granola recipes on Pinterest. The Muskoka Maple Granola will be great for sprucing up my yogurt or for keeping in a sandwich baggy so I can snack on it at work. I’m changing up the recipe, but more on that when I actually make it. And then there are the peanut butter and chocolate granola bars. I realize the recipe calls for almond butter, but I gotta do what I can to make my boyfriend want these. I’m also switching out the coconut oil for vegetable oil because I’m broke. I’ll let you know if it’s gross (the oil, not the lack of money).
  10. Aprons
    Lately, I’ve been obsessed with aprons. So as a graduation gift, my stepmom made an adorable apron for me, which she based off the design of one she saw on one of my Pinterest boards. Can we just talk about how cute this is for a second? I love the full coverage (I’m a mess in the kitchen), and the slanted pockets are way more useful than the pockets you’ll find on most store-bought aprons.

Tried any of the apps, recipes or games I posted? Read any of the blogs? Let me know what you thought by commenting below!

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