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Snowpocalypse 2014


Well, I’ve been snowed in since yesterday morning.

That statement is so weird because I live in Alabama.

The whole situation was a bit frightening yesterday. Roads transformed into ice rinks. Commutes turned to day-long travels. (Thankfully, mine only lasted two hours. I heard of some people stranded on roads for 24+ hours, while others had to abandon their cars for shelter.) Interstate scenes look like they’ve been pulled from the Walking Dead. Some people have deemed it the “Snowpocalypse.” (It’s more fitting this year than it was when we got a few flurries last year.)

The office I work at closed early, and by the time I got home yesterday afternoon, close to half an inch of snow had fallen. (This is a huge deal for us Southern folk.)

So, naturally, Josh and I had to play in the snow.

Here’s a look at our snow day fun:









Snow Day

Grab your non-perishables and head to the storm shelter. It’s snowing in Alabama.


Honestly, though, it does look fierce out there because of the wind.

I went outside to check the weather/take a picture of the snow and didn’t bother to completely close the door (I mean, I was only gonna be out there for about two seconds anyway), and the wind blew the door open and threw snow flurries into our apartment! Yes, that’s my big, exciting story about the snow.

There’s not enough to make a snowman or anything, and I don’t think there will be. All this is supposed to turn to rain this afternoon. Ew.

And thanks to last night’s rain combined with this morning’s snow, our roads look frosty or slushy or something. Double ew.

So today I’m trying to stay warm and safe from the “SNOWPOCALYPSE.” (Totally snagged that word from a Facebook friend’s status.)

Have a great Thursday!

{infatuation friday}


  1. V.P. Debate. I didn’t get a chance to watch the Vice Presidential debate last night, but I’ve seen a lot of buzz about it this morning. While I try to piece together the important parts of the debate, I’m keeping myself entertained with the memes and gifs that resulted. My favorite, so far, is this gif.
  2. DropBox. This is an app that allows you to exchange your photos, documents and videos between computers, phones and tablets. You upload the files to your DropBox account and can then access them from any device that has DropBox installed. At first glance, this app seems a lot like Evernote (an app a reader recommended a few months back). I only downloaded it this morning, so I still don’t really know what to expect from it. (Thanks, Sissy, for telling me about this!)
  3. Geek a Week. This site, run by artist Len Peralta, features weekly geek-star trading cards. Each card has a caricature of a famous geek dressed as an alter-ego, followed by a a creative description and fun facts about the person. Among my favorites are The Big Bang TheoryTimmy the MonkeyAdam Savage and Rifftrax.
  4. That’s What That Means. If you’ve never seen this, go look at it now. You’ll laugh at the definitions for words and phrases you’ve been using for years.
  5. Furious Pete. He calls himself an epic eater. There’s no doubt that’s true. This guy has eaten 12 pounds of food in less than an hour, 15 scoops of ice cream in 3 minutes and a 16-inch pizza in 2 minutes. He’s consumed 10,000-plus calories of french toast, 11,680 calories of “epic cake” and 7,350 calories of hot chocolate. Adam Richman has nothing on Furious Pete. You can find his epic eating, goofy and workout videos on his YouTube channel. (And be sure to check read how he got started; his story is incredible.)
  6. ON Human Coupon. This week, Old Navy celebrated 5 million Facebook fans by creating a human coupon. A large group of people stood together for a photograph that created a scan-able code for 30 percent off. Read the whole story here.
  7. Winter. I know it’s still fall (and just barely, at that), but I’m already preparing for winter. As you know, I have a bit of a love affair with Christmas. So I’ve already started getting pumped for the most wonderful time of the year. If you, too, enjoy prepping your winter kitchen supplies early, check out my “Winter Recipes” board.
  8. American Horror Story. I was kind of really obsessed with this show last year, and now it’s back for another season. It’s a miniseries, so if you missed last season, you won’t be confused by this season. While season one was set in a haunted house, season two will take place in an asylum (creepy, right?). Season two premiers on FX Wednesday (October 17) at 10 p.m. EST.
  9. How to Be a Woman. I mentioned this last week, then ended up buying it Friday night. I’m really enjoying this book. I think it’s the fix I needed for my recent apathy for reading. Moran makes me want to stand in front of my mirror (or, better yet, in a chair) and declare, “I AM A FEMINIST.”
  10. Strange & Creepy. I laughed–maybe even cackled–at this slideshow of 10 of the Strangest and Creepiest Album Covers. Enjoy!

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