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A year well-spent

A year ago today, I sat on a couch next to this really awesome guy as the sun began to rise. He turned to me and asked a bunch of questions about relationships, to which I gave a bunch of stupid and awkward answers. I’m so glad that didn’t stop him, because his final question was this: “Will you be my girlfriend.” I replied, “Sure.”

Thankfully, he was totally cool with that dumb answer, and he’s still totally cool with all the dumb answers I continue to give.

Here are some highlights of the past year:

  1. The raised eyebrow
  2. Chick-Fil-A (and Rayanch)
  3. A #10 at McDonald’s with BBQ sauce and a blue Powerade
  4. Long drives (minus car-sickness)
  5. Late-night American Dad
  6. Family Guy
  7. My 21st birthday
  8. Reese’s
  9. Peanut butter anything
  10. Three Christmas trees
  11. The troll-goblin-Dobby thing from Runescape
  12. CTR
  13. Crash Bash
  14. Januween
  15. Summer nights with no air-conditioning
  16. No-shave November
  17. His scruffy beard when it’s not November
  18. Ruby Tuesday
  19. Bud Light vs. Coors Light
  20. 3:45 a.m. good-byes
  21. 8 a.m. good-byes
  22. Afternoon good-mornings
  23. Swimming
  24. Dirt Road Anthem
  25. Applebee’s date night
  26. Sweet surprises
  27. Movie photo-booth pictures
  28. Air hockey at the Cobb
  29. Ah-nald
  30. Goofy faces
  31. Goofy voices
  32. Goofy actions
  33. The moments that stay between us
  34. Pizza!
  35. Wrath of the Titans
  36. Ted
  37. Colder Weather
  38. Oasis
  39. “Don’t tell me my business, devil woman!”
  40. Daydreaming about cat names
  41. I Love You Phillip Morris
  42. True Lies
  43. True Blood
  44. Game of Thrones
  45. Veep
  46. The Newsroom
  47. Anticipating living together
  48. Chicken pot soup
  49. His nieces (they are too precious)
  50. His family is totally my family


{infatuation friday}

Here are the things that interest me this week:

  1. Sundays. I love Sunday television, at least for now. Currently, my favorite Sunday shows include Drop Dead Diva and True Blood. Plus, HBO now has a new show called The Newsroom, which airs on Sundays after True Blood. I really, really loved the pilot and can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes.
  2. Memes. Particularly Ermahgerd and the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Seriously, I could spend hours scrolling through them.
  3. BumpI’ve had this app for a year or two now but never had the opportunity to use it until this week. It’s pretty awesome. You can share your contact info, specific contacts or pictures stored on any of your devices with any other device (as long as they have this app, of course). To share, you open the Bump app then simply bump the products against each other (gently, though! you don’t want to break them). You can also bump things to your computer (though I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not sure how that works). There is also an Android version of this app.
  4. Rosie’s Birthday RatThis was one of my favorite books as a kid.  Unfortunately, it’s super hard to find in bookstores now–I think you have to order it online. Thankfully, my mom still has my copy! (I saw it when I visited her a week ago and asked her to pretty please hold onto it for me until I’ve settled somewhere at least semi-permanent.)
  5. Garlic Sauteed SpinachI made this last night with Rosemary-Garlic Chicken. (Don’t judge me for my obsession with garlic.) I was surprised by how much I liked it. And my boyfriend said he’d eat it again if I cook it. Double win for me!
  6. Anger Management. I haven’t seen it yet, but I imagine it’ll be a little something like, um… Winning!
  7. Flow. This is a game which requires you to connect the dots, but in a particular way–all the connecting lines have to fill the screen. It kind of seems like what would happen if Tetris and PipeRoll procreated. You can play this as a timed game or simply for leisure.
  8. Band Together. I think maybe the creator was a bit disturbed. These cardboard creatures have to move through a box while avoiding being stabbed by pencils or thumbtacks. I will say, though, it can be pretty challenging at times, which is why I enjoy it. Plus, most of the tutorial sketches are cute and funny.
  9. Paper. This app allows you to use your iPad as a notebook. You can sketch or take notes or do whatever you want. I love that I can design the front of each notebook! My only quip is that you only get one style of pen free… but I know FiftyThree has to make money (and for someone who would use this often, it’s well worth the spend). Besides, I’m just being a cheapskate.
  10. Fake Dora the Explorer movie trailer. My boyfriend showed this to me last night. I’m still giggling.

Happy Friday!

If you have any suggestions for an upcoming Friday post, let me know in the comments or by contacting me. I’d love to know what interests you!