Humpday Happiness: Celebrating Buddy

Buddy and little sister Baleigh sleeping on their bed July 4. (Snagged from my dad's Facebook)

Buddy and little sister Baleigh sleeping on their bed July 4. (Photo from my dad’s Facebook)

Today is a bit odd. Usually, I like to use Wednesday to write about the things that are making me happier, but that doesn’t feel appropriate today.

Buddy, about three years ago. (Photo snagged from my stepmom's Facebook.)

Buddy, about three years ago. (Photo from my stepmom’s Facebook.)

You see, my dad’s dog, Buddy, will soon be making his way to doggy heaven. He has was diagnosed this week with a form of kidney disease. It was very sudden, but my dad told me Buddy seems happy and not in pain.

After a couple of vet trips and multiple blood tests, my dad and stepmom found out yesterday Buddy will have to be euthanized tomorrow. (My guess is because he is growing weak from refusing to eat or drink.)

To call this heartbreaking is an understatement.

Buddy has been by my dad’s side for years, and the two of them have a bond that is indescribable. As my dad put it, “He is aptly named, my Buddy.”

But this blog post isn’t intended to be depressing. In the spirit of bringing about some Humpday happiness, I want to use this space to celebrate Buddy.

Buddy eating an ice cube this summer. (Photo from my stepmom's Facebook.)

Buddy eating an ice cube this summer. (Photo from my stepmom’s Facebook.)

(To my dad and stepmom: Feel free to chime in. I’m sure you have far more anecdotes than I do.)

  • Every time I go to visit, Buddy is almost always the first to greet me, tail wagging so hard that it causes his rear to move side-to-side, and a big smile on his face.
  • At dinner time, he eyeballs everyone at the table until he is told to lay  down, at which point he lays just far enough away to not get in trouble, but still close enough so he can see the food.
  • When it comes time to lick plates, he always uses his rear to nudge little sister Baleigh out of the way.
  • A few years  ago during Christmas break, my sister, my dad and I worked hard to bake lots of chocolate goodies, which we left on the (very high) kitchen counter when we left the house. We came back to discover Buddy had found a way to get to the treats, and he had eaten almost all of them. He obviously survived that, but boy was he sick (an in lots of trouble).
  • I always have to use both hands to pet him. He won’t have it any other way.
  • When my dad is on the computer, Buddy likes to jump in his lap. That computer isn’t allowed to get more attention than Buddy!
  • He and Baleigh have run  off countless times. It’s so sad and so funny. Each time, they both end up with cuts and scraps and itchy eyes, but it seems they forget all about the pain next time they want to escape.
  • He loves to wear sweaters, and he looks darn cute in them. (I have a picture of him in a sweater somewhere!)

There are, of course, many, many more stories. Buddy is full of exciting adventures. I must say, heaven is gaining one incredible soul.

See ya later, Buddy.

[Edit: I originally posted that Buddy’s last day would be today. He actually goes home today for one last night with the family before heading back to the vet tomorrow.]

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