10 Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts


Halloween is just a day away, and, let’s be honest, not all of us are totally prepared. (Yeah, it totally snuck up on me this year, as usual.) Thankfully, I do have a few decorations around the house (shoutout to my stepmom for helping me out there!), but I could still use a few more.

Of course, I refuse to pay full price for decorations that will only sit around my house for a couple of weeks each year, so buying Halloween decor before November 1 isn’t going to happen.

My solution: simple crafts.

Here are a few crafts that could be done quickly and easily. And most of these are fairly cheap, too!

  1. Plastic cup tea-light holders (just be sure to use LED tea lights) from The Secret Post
  2. Flying ghosts (view on slide 2) from DIY Network
  3. Chalkboard painted pumpkins from Paper Princess Studio
  4. DIY string lights from Good Housekeeping
  5. Paper plate spider candy holder from The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
  6. Painted Mason Jar Halloween Flowers from Family Fresh Cooking
  7. Pumpkin Lollipop Holder from Martha Stewart
  8. Spooky, Creepy Lollies (3 ways: spiders, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts) from Apartment Therapy
  9. Pumpkin center pieces from Bean Talk
  10. Lacey pumpkin from Better Homes and Gardens

Will you be making any last-minute decorations for Halloween? Tell me about them in the comments.

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