Blogiversary: Celebrating Two Years

blogiversaryToday, I am celebrating two years of writing here on this blog. Last year, I was totally prepared and even wrote an extra, special post a few days before my blogiversary. But this year, it totally snuck up on me (as in, I only remembered yesterday).

Anyway, let’s keep this blogiversary ball rolling and check out some highlights from the past couple of years.


Since I started this blog, I’ve…

Started and completed an internship with a magazine publishing company…


and earned a full-time position at said company (six months and counting!),


graduated college,

dad & grad

spent an entire year in my first home with Josh


and moved into a new apartment with him,


celebrated two anniversaries with Josh,


and traveled to San Antonio and Chicago,


I’ve written 146 blog posts in the past two years, of which 99 I wrote the past year.

Here are some highlights from the past year alone:


  1. blogTech Tuesday: Roku 2 XS. This was my first-ever Tech Tuesday post and one of my favorite reviews. (Update: I’m still in love with my Roku.)
  2. Pin Perfect: HTP’s Two-Ingredient Sugar Face Scrub. I really enjoyed writing reviews for awhile, and this was a great chance to try something new (since beauty products really aren’t my forte.)
  3. Blog Your Heart Out: A Family Tradition. It was really cool to have a chance to talk about why it’s important to me to live a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t read it yet, definitely do.
  4. 2013: Dedicate. I always like sharing my New Year’s verb. This was my third verb (and the second I’ve shared here). It’s cool to go back and see what the verb helped me accomplish.
  5. Election Hangover. I definitely believe in the power of a single vote, but November’s elections made me want to do more than just vote. This post was a chance for me to urge others to join me.




Most-Repinned Post(s) on pinterest:

It’s a tie!

socialThis has been a fun year. I still haven’t done as much as I’d like to here, but I think I’ve made some great strides. I wrote twice as much this year as I did last year, have created way more recipes, have tried new kinds of writing and have done some interesting things beyond the blog.

(P.S. I didn’t mention this before, but traffic has really started to boom in the past couple of months. What an amazing blogiversary gift! Thank you all for reading.)

Keep in touch, you guys. Let’s spend another year together, kay?

Let's discuss!

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