Weekend Reads & Recipes: 6.15.2013



BuzzFeed Writer Resigns In Disgrace After Plagiarizing ‘10 Llamas Who Wish They Were Models’ from The Onion

The end of an Oz-like story: Goodbye UA Office of Student Media building from AL.com

Ahem: Asking Someone To The Prom Is Not A ‘Proposal’ from NPR

7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy (An Insider’s Perspective) from Cracked.com

Swiffer Feels the Heat After Putting Rosie the Riveter Back in the Kitchen from Adweek

The Quiet Shame of the Half-Book Reader from The Atlantic Wire

Sexualizing Teen Underwear from HelloGiggles

The South, Reexamined from The Huffington Post

10 Strange-Looking Things That Are Actually Fruit from Women’s Day


Blueberry Coffeecake from Can’t Stay Out Of The Kitchen

Mojito Jello Shots from A Beautiful Mess

Avocado Whip from Health

Grilled artichokes marinated in garlic + lemon from What’s Cooking Good Looking

Peanut Butter Pie from Life, in Recipes

Perfect Iced Coffee from The Pioneer Woman

Lime Chicken & Corn Pizza from designlovefest

Slow Cooker Chicken Black Bean Tacos from Skinnytaste

2 responses to “Weekend Reads & Recipes: 6.15.2013

  1. Thanks for linking my Blueberry Coffeecake recipe. Hope you try it sometime. It’s the BEST blueberry coffeecake recipe I’ve ever come across and that’s saying something! Thanks again.

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