San Antonio Things


You guys, I totally meant to share my photos of San Antonio with you when I got back a week ago. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Oops!

However, I still want to share some of the cool (non-work-related) things I experienced:


Like the Riverwalk! It was so gorgeous. I walked by it and/or over it every day, but still didn’t get enough pictures. (I think that would have been impossible.)


And the Rivercenter was pretty amazing too. Parts of the mall were opened up so people could be by the water while shopping or eating.


I ate at the Rivercenter (tho not outside because of the fierce winds that day) on Wednesday. There was a Mediterranean joint in the food court, and I totally recommend it to anyone visiting San Antonio. The food was spot-on and the service was friendly.


Speaking of food, I ate at Boudro’s on the Riverwalk twice (not even on purpose: I agreed, before leaving for San Antonio, to eat with some of our sales guys Wednesday night and they happened to choose the same place I ate at Monday). Both times, the group ordered the guacamole, which is made at the table and has oranges and fire-roasted tomatoes.


The first time I ate at Boudro’s, I tried the herb-crusted fish fillet. It was served over couscous with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and chipotle red pepper beurre blanc sauce. The second time, I had the wood-grilled fish fillet with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted veggies (seen below).


The last night I was there, I stopped by the Alamo since I wasn’t sure whether I’d have a chance to see it in the daylight before I left.


Thankfully, though, I did get to see it the morning before I left. I took what I call a flash tour (a 20 minute jog through the Alamo, stopping occasionally for photos).


I saw lots of other cool things too, like the Tower of the Americas,


Saint Joseph’s Church,


Crockett Hotel


And a whole lot more! (I wasn’t kidding when I said I ran around taking pictures all morning.)

I’ll add more photos to Facebook when I get the chance. Until then, check out the photos I shared during my trip on Instagram!

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