Noms 2.25.2013


Since last week didn’t involve a lot of cooking, Josh and I are trying to focus on making some simple, healthy meals this week and next.

We got most of our shopping done this weekend, but had a few things left to pick up today. (Who would’ve thought sesame seeds and quinoa would be so hard to find?)

A few things I learned today: 1) You pretty much have to go to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (or a similar store) for unseasoned quinoa. 2)Same goes for unsweetened coconut (I learned this about banana chips over the summer). 3)Sesame seeds are located on the spice aisle… not the nut aisle. Go figure.

I’m sure I just helped you with your next shopping trip. You’re welcome.

We moved a lot of items over from the last round of meal planning just because there were so many we didn’t get around to making. (Josh was sick with little appetite most of the first week, and I was gone most of the second week.)

Also (and I just figured this out) the Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki recipe that I had moved from the last meal plan to this round seems to be no longer available. So I’ll have to figure out something else. It definitely needs to involve chicken and sweet teriyaki sauce. I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway, here’s this round of meal planning!

The Meals

The Sides

The Snacks

The Treats

  • Peanut Butter-Chocolate Krispy Bars

Notes on the last round of meals:

Like I mentioned earlier, most of our planned meals didn’t happen last time. Aside from grilled tilapia (a go-to in our house), the pulled chicken sandwich recipe was the only one I was able to get to, but Josh got sick before he was able to eat any. (He tried to down some leftovers a couple of days after I cooked it, but was still too sick.) I really enjoyed the sandwiches, though I ate so many it may be a while before I cook them again. (After three days of having pulled chicken for breakfast and lunch, I froze what was left.)

The only thing I didn’t like about the pulled chicken recipe was the four-hour cook time. My favorite part of slow cooking is starting the meal when I leave for work and having it just finish as I get home–so, usually eight hours. Meh.

I paired the pulled chicken sandwiches with carrot fries, which was really nice. They tasted a lot like sweet potato fries. They take a lot of effort to make, but if you have the time, I recommend them. (Obviously, I like them a lot. I’m planning to make them again in the next two weeks!)

The carrot chips, however, did not get such a warm welcome. I only made the sweet chips because I didn’t have any cayenne for the spicy chips. Josh wouldn’t even try them because they looked weird (which was probably my fault for over-seasoning them…oops!) and I didn’t like the consistency. They were very soft and chewy–not at all what I expected from a chip.

Oh, but the no-bake energy bites… yes. Just. Yes. I had to make two batches because Josh and I both loved them so much. (I forgot to roll most of the second batch before I left for San Antonio, and Josh told me he just ate it straight out of the storage container. Ha!) I only wish there was some way to cut down on the sugar and still keep the bites together. Ideas?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Keep up with me on Instagram for photos of these recipes as I make them.

One response to “Noms 2.25.2013

  1. That stovetop granola has become a favorite over here…hope you enjoy it too!

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