Noms 02.11.2013


The last meal plan Josh and I made didn’t go as well as we originally thought. We ended up running super low on ingredients for full meals before the end of last week. But I feel like this week went a little better.

Also, I totally forgot to make any of the snacks I planned, so some of them are going back on the list this week.

Here are some of the meals we have planned for the next two weeks:

The Meals:

The Sides:

The Snacks:

Notes on the past two weeks:

crepeThe crepes were just awesome and so easy to make. I tried them with spinach, mushrooms and honey goat cheese but wasn’t a huge fan. Josh loved filling them with chicken and topping them with sugar-free syrup. I ate the leftovers plain, some of them cold. (It’s my favorite way to eat leftover pancakes too.) I’m a total weirdo. I know.

The cowboy pot roast didn’t happen. The night I wanted to make that for dinner, we ended up eating chicken tortilla soup instead, which was delish. Josh looooved it (it’s his favorite canned soup, so of course I had to try it homemade), so I’ll probably make it again soon. While I definitely recommend making this, I’d suggest prepping everything the night before; doing that saved my night.

And the lemony tuna and olive oil pasta was okay. I liked the taste, but it was pretty dry. And Josh tried his best to eat it, but he couldn’t even finish a serving of it. And it was a lot more effort than I expected. So that’s probably not happening again.

Keep an eye on Instagram for photo updates of the meals I have planned!

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