{infatuation friday}


  1. RascalExtermi-nator Cats. Fun fact about cats: they kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds and between 6.9 billion and 20.7 billion small mammals yearly, according to the Christian Science Monitor. However, house cats don’t seem to be the big exterminators. Instead, feral and un-owned cats are doing most of the killing. CSM reports that 30 million to 80 million street-roaming cats live in the U.S. , each killing between 23 and 46 birds a year and between 129 and 338 small mammals. I wish my cat (pictured) would have had that kind of courage! He once caught a mouse, but didn’t seem to know what to do with it; he just let it dangle from his mouth–weirdo. (Big thanks to my friend Mike for sharing this article with me earlier this week!)
  2. Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVII: (noun) An excuse to watch hour-upon-hour of commercials and consume enough hot wings, jalapeno poppers and light beer to put last year’s hot dog-eating champ to shame. There may also be some football-watching involved. Occurs in January February. (See also: HarBowl 2013)
  3. Super Bowl Monday. Speaking of the Super Bowl, did you know there’s an official petition on the White House We the People page to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Obviously, I vote yes. As of right now (“right now” being the moment I click “publish”), the petition still needs 86,924 signatures before February 23 for an official response from the administration. (Don’t mind me; I’m just daydreaming about sleeping in during future Super Bowl Mondays.)
  4. Word Jigsaw. This game is my newest obsession. (Not even kidding… I played it for a solid hour earlier this week.) To play the game, you use the letter tiles you are given (each tile contains multiple letters) and try to piece them together on the board to create words. It’s kind of a mash-up of jigsaw puzzles and word finds. The game is free, offering three free levels (tiny, small and medium). Three additional levels (big, bigger and giant) are available through in-game purchase. Available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad. FREE
  5. UFC 156. Is it weird that I’m posting so much sports stuff? And that none of it is college-related? Anyway, Josh is really into the UFC, so Saturday night, we’re going out to watch the fight. That’s really all there is to that story because I don’t know much about Aldo or Edgar. (Feel free to educate me in the comments.) Okay, I’m done with the sports stuff.
  6. muffin knightMuffin Knight. Ignore (or laugh at) the strange intro video and move on to the frustratingly fun game: Muffin Knight. I honestly haven’t gotten past level one (it’s a little harder to play on the iPad than it would be on an iPhone or iPod touch), but I’ve had lots of fun with it anyway. The point of the game is for you, the knight, to collect the fairy’s magical muffins, which appear as you collect the others. You control left-to-right movements with your left thumb, while using your right thumb to make the knight jump (which is necessary to get muffins on cliffs or across streams. You can play in single-player mode or in co-op mode. Available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android, Mac App Store for Macs and Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome. Prices range from $0.99 to $4.99, depending on device. $0.99-$4.99
  7. Mr. & Mrs What’s-Her-Name. I learned something new this week: only nine states allow a man to change his name for marriage (in the way a woman traditionally would). Florida is not one of those states. Now, a Florida man is suffering for taking on his new wife’s name; the Florida DMV has suspended his license after deciding the name change on his drivers license was fraudulent. (His Social Security card, bank accounts and passport all reflect his new last name.) Read the full story from Yahoo! News.
  8. Bout. I have to be honest: I haven’t had the chance to download this game, but I had to include it because it seems interesting. You play this College Humor game with your friends; one person chooses a topic (like “What you’re doing right now”) and everyone posts photos, trying to be the funniest. However, according to All Things D, a major problem could be one similar to many Facebook-based games: you can only play if your friends join. So there is no inviting random guests to play (which means you either bug your friends to join or just don’t play). The game is free, though there may be in-app purchases available. Available in iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. FREE
  9. Midland City. Probably the biggest story I’ve been keeping an eye on this week has been the hostage situation in Midland City. It occurred not too far from where I grew up, and my mom texted me about it within an hour or two after the bus driver was shot. The short story: Wednesday afternoon, a man by the name of Jimmy Lee Dykes jumped on a Dale County bus and demanded the driver hand over a child or two. The driver–a man named Charles Albert Poland Jr.–refused, and Dykes shot him four times before adbucting a 5-year-old autistic child and heading to an underground bunker near his home. Poland passed away on Wednesday. As of this afternoon, the man is still holding the child hostage. (Read more here, here and here.)
  10. breakfastBrunch. Let’s end the week on a lighter note, shall we? Good news: I think I may be over my breakfast obsession. Except… Josh and I are having crepes Saturday for brunch. And I kind of really want to make these adorable scones. And I still need to make that breakfast cornbread. Okay, so maybe I’m not over it. What can I say? I love breakfast.

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One response to “{infatuation friday}

  1. I love breakfast, too. Best meal of the day. Thanks again for the link! Happy weekending to ya.

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