{infatuation friday}


  1. Somebody’s Heartbreak. I know you’ve had to endure my gushing over Hunter Hayes once already (sorry, Josh!), but I spent this week living with Somebody’s Heartbreak in my head. And I’m adoring that Hunter Hayes is now getting some attention from the pop stations. I just hope that doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing an auto-tuned Hayes soon.
  2. Table TopicsTable Topics. I caught TableTopics Original on sale for about $3 (90 percent off!) at Target about two weeks ago, and Josh and I finally tried it out last night during dinner (I loved it!). The only point to the game is to start a conversation. There are no winners or losers, which is awesome because I’m a terrible loser. Each 4- by 4-inch cube comes with 135 question cards to start fun conversations. My favorite from last night: “What childhood toy would you recover if you could?” Originally $25.
  3. Rules of Engagement. I’m adding this to my list of favorite shows. I’ve been watching it on the Roku almost every night before I go to sleep. At this rate, I’ll be caught up and ready for the Season 7 premiere on CBS next month.
  4. Celiac Research. Celiac disease could be linked to birth month. Eating Well reported earlier this week on several studies indicating that people born in the spring or summer may be more likely to suffer from celiac, due to beginning to eat gluten during the winter months (when viral infections are more prominent). So strange and fascinating.
  5. Word Crack. This was a free app of the day on Tuesday, and when Hilary called to tell me about it, I had to download it. The point of Word Crack is to find more higher-scoring words in two minutes than your opponent. You get up to three power-ups per game and can choose from six. There is also a free version in iTunes and Google Play. Available in for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as via Facebook. Prices vary by service. Starts at $1.99.
  6. Te’oing. If you don’t know what this means–like, don’t have any idea–read the Deadspin article already. Or if you don’t have an hour to dedicate to this bizarre feature, just Skimm it (but I’m telling you, the lengthy version is well worth the read). When the confusion wears off, go laugh at the people of the Interwebs Te’oing it.
  7. Being Human. It’s back! Season 3 of the U.S. version of this show premiered this week, and Netflix added Season 2 to its instant shows and movies. We’re trying to catch up on the second season so we can dive into Season 3 while its on the air.
  8. Appetites. Hilary has been on the ball with finding new apps this week. She sent me a link to Appetites, an app dedicated to teaching users how to cook. There are cooking videos, recipes and more. The app is free, then each lesson is 99 cents or you can buy  a pack of classes for a bundled price. FREE.
  9. PB yogurt dipPeanut Butter-Yogurt Dip. Remember how I planned to make this? So, that happened. And I’m in love. This could be my new favorite snack.
  10. Breakfast (again). Yes, I am still obsessing over breakfast foods. But no worries–I’ve got it covered. I made French toast yesterday for a snowy-day brunch with Josh, and sometime this weekend I hope to make the scrambled egg muffin sliders I planned earlier this week and some breakfast cornbread with blueberries and goat cheese. (But I’ll still let you make those oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip scones if you want, Dad! No objections here.)

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One response to “{infatuation friday}

  1. I MUST get this Table Topics game!

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