Snow Day

Grab your non-perishables and head to the storm shelter. It’s snowing in Alabama.


Honestly, though, it does look fierce out there because of the wind.

I went outside to check the weather/take a picture of the snow and didn’t bother to completely close the door (I mean, I was only gonna be out there for about two seconds anyway), and the wind blew the door open and threw snow flurries into our apartment! Yes, that’s my big, exciting story about the snow.

There’s not enough to make a snowman or anything, and I don’t think there will be. All this is supposed to turn to rain this afternoon. Ew.

And thanks to last night’s rain combined with this morning’s snow, our roads look frosty or slushy or something. Double ew.

So today I’m trying to stay warm and safe from the “SNOWPOCALYPSE.” (Totally snagged that word from a Facebook friend’s status.)

Have a great Thursday!

One response to “Snow Day

  1. Update on Snowpocalypse: I survived, but not without taking a snowball to the leg (thanks, Josh). And there was enough snow on the ground by 1 p.m. to make a baby snowman; I didn’t do that, unfortunately.

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