{infatuation friday}


  1. oatsOats & Blueberries. Y’all, I found my new favorite breakfast: oats and blueberries. It’s so fast and simple. I just heat ½ cup of oats and nearly 1 cup of water (somewhere between ¼ cup and 1 cup because I don’t like watery oats) in a microwave-safe bowl for 2 minutes. Then I throw in a handful of frozen blueberries. The hot oats defrost the blueberries, which releases some of the berries’ juices, sweetening the oats. TWO MINUTES, GUYS. That’s how long it takes me to make breakfast. I add a protein shake (protein powder + water or milk in my Blender Bottle) for an energizing breakfast that will keep me full.
  2. World Population Decline. All those rumors about the world running out of room for us humans? Well, they may not be true. Slate reported this week on an predicted decline in worldwide human population in coming years.
  3. theSkimm. They read, you skimm. theSkimm gives breaks down the latest news in brief, witty paragraphs–perfect for catching up on the important stuff while you get ready for work. You can sign up for theSkimm to be sent to your email daily, but I’m not much of a newsletter kind of gal, so I just hit up their website each morning and click on the link to the most recent Skimm. (Thanks to Rachel Wilkerson for sharing this site on her blog earlier this week! That’s how I discovered it.)
  4. No Fatties Allowed. We shouldn’t have to look at Lena Dunham’s fat, naked body, and her flaunting her “blobby” self is just appalling. At least that’s what one New York Post writer seems to think. Of course, this only brushes on how body image is treated for ladies and gents in the spotlight. (And, is it just me, or do these lessons trickle down to us common folks too?) One writer at xoJane suggests it’s time to get over ourselves.
  5. Bejeweled. My newest obsession is Bejeweled Blitz. I seriously cannot stop playing it. (Let’s talk about those awesome Boosts. The shuffle boost is forever a lifesaver for me.) The best part about Bejeweled? It has taught me something new about Josh. Apparently he used to love Bejeweled and he’s kind of a pro. And I’ve learned something about me too–I’m not a pro at Bejeweled. But I still play it. A lot. It’s shameful. Available for iPhone and iPad, or you can play via Facebook. FREE.
  6. Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation. Because I don’t know how to read labels, I recently learned that Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner
    –my fave all-purpose cleaner–isn’t a disinfecting cleaner (yeah, all-purpose and disinfectant are two totally different things–who woulda thunk?). So, my counter tops haven’t been getting disinfected. Ew. While feeling like a disgusting person, I headed to Target to buy something that WILL disinfect my counter tops  As I perused the household cleaning aisle, I stumbled upon Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaner. It’s supposed to disinfect while remaining eco-friendly. Bonus: It advertises a lovely lemongrass citrus scent. I was sold. I purchased the cleaner and drove home, super excited to finally REALLY clean my counter tops  And then I sprayed it. Within just a few minutes, the smell hit me. It smelled much like a cat’s litter box. Now when I have to disinfect the counter tops  I warn Josh of the disgusting smell, then light a few candles in an attempt to cover it. Ugh.
  7. BCS Champs. So, Bama won (woot!). But it really should have been more exciting. I like to watch a good game, and I get bored when there isn’t much playing going on. (I realize how lame that seems.) When I realized our second string was in, I actually took a nap (in my defense, I was running on about two hours of sleep). But I don’t think many people actually care that UA won the championship. Maybe because they’re too busy focusing on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend. I’m sick of hearing about her or the announcer who wouldn’t shut up about her during the game. Who cares? Moving on.
  8. Baseball Hall of Fame. So, no one was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (again) this year. And to make a big ol’ statement about it, the New York Times printed (er–un-printed?) a huge blank space in the sports section where the story would have been if someone had been inducted. Poynter is calling it “Seinfeld-esque.” I like.
  9. Sammy Sosa. Speaking of baseball, did you know Sammy Sosa is on Pinterest? Of course, he doesn’t quite get the concept of Pinterest. His page is filled with photos of himself in awkward poses, all bearing the same caption: “Sammy Sosa. Yes, I’m the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest.” Mashable has some hilarious titles for the pinned photos.
  10. Breakfast. I’ve had a serious breakfast craving lately. I spent a solid hour last night ogling over breakfast recipes when I should have been sleeping. I won’t shut up about this local diner that serves the best breakfast (but I’m never awake early enough to enjoy their breakfast menu). I’ve even been tempted to go to IHOP (and I’m not really a huge fan). So, does anyone want to make these for me? Or just any of this? Thanks in advance!

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