{infatuation friday} Christmas 2012


  1. instagramChristmas Countdown. If you haven’t been following, I’m a little more than halfway through my Christmas countdowns (there are only four days left, including Christmas day). Catch up by viewing the photos tagged #12DaysOfChristmas on my Instagram (which prove that I’ve been doing a lot of crafting in my living room floor) and my tweets tagged #ChristmasCountdown.
  2. Real, Live Reindeer. So, apparently a reindeer terrorized the Toronto Star this week when Santa stopped by for a visit. Favorite quote: “it pooped in editor in chief michael cooke’s office.”
  3. Holiday Movies. Do you want to watch a movie this Christmas, but just can’t seem to pick one? Well, this infographic is just for you! Simply answer the questions, then follow the lines to either the next question or your holiday movie solution. You’re welcome. (More items like this are pinned to my “Festivus” board.)
  4. ovenbreakOven Break. This has been around for a few years, but it’s a favorite of mine. I usually delete it from my iPod shortly after the holidays, only to re-add it the next year. The point of the game is to help the gingerbread man escape from the oven. As he runs, you guide him past obstacles, and each level is more difficult than the last. The game’s creators periodically add new levels. Available in the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; also available on Google Play for Android. $1.99.
  5. End of the World Playlist. Earlier this week, al.com posted an end-of-the-world playlist (not including the overplayed “It’s The End of the World, As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.). Most of the songs are pretty awesome and fitting, so I made a playlist on Grooveshark. (If you’re so over this end-of-the-world mess, this is a good playlist out of that context too.)
  6. Blender Bottle. I think Blender Bottle should win an award for best holiday social media management. For starters, their 12 days of Christmas on Facebook involved different clever ways to give Blender Bottle gifts to anyone, from a botanist to a “Desk Jockey” to a stay-at-home-mom and more. To top it off, they posted this fantastic version of The Night Before Christmas to the Blender Bottle blog. Just. Awesome.
  7. cuttheropeholidayCut the Rope: Holiday Gift. This is another great holiday game. I downloaded it a few years ago, and now I bring it back to the ol’ iPod every Christmas. Simply put, it’s a holiday twist on the classic Cut the Rope game. Available in the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. FREE.
  8. Stress-Free Holiday. If you’re feeling the holiday stress, check out this blog post my coworker wrote this week. She gives five tips on how to reduce stress over the hols. I love that she gives a bit of a comical twist to lighten up the subject!
  9. Be Happy. For a little extra cheer this holiday season (and beyond), check out behappy.me, where inspirational phrases are posted daily.  You can even subscribe to have these sent to your email. (Thanks, Ashley, for the suggestion!)
  10. Sugar Cookie Butter. Umm… can someone just feed this to me, like, right now?

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