Weekending 12.17.2012

vinylsThis weekend, my mom drove up to see my sister and me! This was exciting because 1) I got to see my mom, 2) I didn’t have to drive for four hours to see my mom and 3) this was the first time my mom’s been able to see our new homes.

It went by way too fast, though! I swear my mom was only here for about two seconds before she had to leave again. (Honestly, though, she was only here for a little more than 24 hours–not long at all.)

In the short time she was here, I got to spend a little time shopping with her. She saw Josh and me eyeballing the Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer vinyl figures in Barnes & Noble, and she totally surprised us with them! (They’re pictured above.) I’m now only missing the Misfit Elephant and Bumble.

bagsI also finally got started on my Christmas shopping. We’re not even going to discuss what a procrastinator I am.

And Josh and I finally made the “First Home” ornament I mentioned last month! I was fighting an awful headache, so he did most of the work (mostly softening and shaping the clay; you would not believe how difficult that stuff is to work with). We had a little leftover clay, so we were each able to make our own individual ornaments too. (Shown below)

To finish off the weekend, last night we went grocery shopping. Thanks to my over-planning for our last shopping trip, we still had most of what we needed–we just had to pick up a few items to round off meals.

homeWe’ve been doing a pretty good job of planning meals before shopping, and it helps a lot. It’s definitely taken some of the work-week stress away for me.

In planning these meals, I’ve been trying to add in at least a new recipe or two–something I’ve never made before–in an attempt to broaden our horizons and polish my cooking skills. (The Brunswick stew was part of that planning.)

Buying groceries every other weekend works best for us, but it also means we need to plan for two weeks of groceries. It works. We have to make another trip or two to grab fresh items like lettuce that would otherwise spoil, but that’s no biggie.

So over the next couple of weeks, we’ve planned these new meals:

So you know you can expect to see photos of these on Instagram, right? Just so we’re clear.

Happy Monday! Hope you have a great week!

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