{infatuation friday}


  1. penguinChristmas Decorations. I should have mentioned this Monday, but I totally forgot: A bunch of us at work got together a week ago to decorate the office. I actually forgot about it over the weekend, so coming back to a festive workplace was a nice surprise. We went all out, hanging lights and giant star decorations from the ceiling, putting up a tree, and including a light-up reindeer (its head moves!) lawn decoration and a blow-up penguin. Eek! So fun!
  2. VAWA. Earlier this week, I read Rachel Wilkerson’s post about Violence Against Women Act. I haven’t had the chance to completely read up on it , but it’ll likely be my weekend reading. The thing I don’t understand is why this problem even exists. Why doesn’t every woman get protection from domestic abuse? We live in the 21st century! Anyway, once I’ve read all the info, I plan to contact my state’s officials and try to make a difference. Read about it and at least consider doing the same. But hurry–there are only a few weeks left in this session!
  3. Curves. Another thing I don’t understand is why we are still talking about other women’s bodies. Why does this even matter? As I read New York Magazine’s Every Single Woman in America Is Now ‘Curvy,’ I was left wondering why we need a way to describe the shape of a woman’s body. I thought about Caitlin Moran and her thoughts about being fat as described in How to Be a Woman. She says if you look like a human, you’re human-shaped; if you’re too large to look like a human, you’re fat. End of discussion. There is no “curviness” to it. Now can we please stop making every woman feel self-conscious by calling her “curvy?” Can we all please get a life?
  4. Mean Girls. I didn’t watch more than about five minutes of MTV’s airing of Mean Girls, so I’m not completely sure which words they censored and which they allowed. But when I read some of the words they let slip through (*ahem* “slut”) and others they didn’t allow (seriously, “lesbian” is now a dirty word? and don’t get me started about “vagina”), I was not a happy girl. Read The Censorship of “Mean Girls”: What Was MTV Thinking? for more on this.
  5. bottoms upHangovers. Last Friday, Gizmodo posted an article called Why Cheap Booze Makes Your Hangover So Horrible. Really, it was more of a list of fun facts about the distillation processes of different types of wines and liquors than it was about the correlation of cheap booze and hangovers (that was more of a side note than anything else). The most interesting part (for me, at least) was the description of how a headache happens. I fought a migraine for all of yesterday evening and last night, and all I could think about (besides “why won’t this go away?!?!?”) was my brain shriveling. Gross.
  6. Zombie Princess. Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite Disney princess was attacked by a zombie? Here ya go! You’re welcome. Your childhood is now ruined.
  7. Walken Carol. Has anyone heard “Christopher Walken in a Winter Wonderland,” with a Christopher Walken imitation voice (or maybe it’s actually him; I’m not sure)? I heard it on the radio a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessively trying to find it since. It seems to not exist, which makes me feel totally crazy. If you know where to find it, please let me know in the comments or via email. Seriously, not finding this song is driving me bananas!
  8. modernModern Seinfeld. This is my new favorite Twitter account. It pretty much plucks Seinfeld from the 90s and plops the characters into this decade. I love that all the tweets are written just like episode descriptions. Just. Awesome.
  9. Christmas Countdown. I started my 12 Days of Christmas on  Instagram today and plan to post my first countdown tweet later this evening. I’ll be posting different content to each as we approach Christmas, so be sure to follow each of those accounts.
  10. News. Sending up prayers for the folks in Connecticut who are affected by this morning’s tragedy.

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