Weekending 12.03.2012

tackyIt is officially Christmas month. To celebrate, I began my weekend with some Christmas festivities. (And not just by vegging out while ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas glows in front of me.)

Actually, my sister kind of jump-started the Christmas-month fun with her Tacky Christmas  Cookie Exchange. I think the effort I put into my costume and my cookies is worth some sort of prize though.

If you recognize that outfit, it’s probably because I reused most of it from last year’s tacky Christmas party for my work. The hat (a bow my stepmom made, intended to be a tree topper) and earrings (bell earrings I’ll probably NEVER wear again… imagine bells ringing in your ears every time you move your head for about three hours. Umm… no) were both new. See how clever I am?

spritzHonestly, I think the biggest lesson I learned this weekend (which was honestly a tough choice, with those darn jingling earrings) was to never trust a recipe that says, “the dough is so easy to work with.” The second biggest lesson: don’t use icing piping tools in place of a cookie press, even if the cookbook tells you it’s an easy substitution. (The dough was so thick, it exploded from the top of my icing bag once and busted the bottom of the bag twice by pushing the tip out of the bag.)


The greatest lesson for everyone probably came from Josh, who taught us that the best and least-stressful kind of baking happens with a little help from Duncan Hines. Okay, maybe a lot of help from Duncan Hines. Like, possibly all the help. He told my dad (via Facebook) the cookies were “elegant, delightful, inexpensive, tasty, and took no time to bake at all…seriously.” Maybe next time I’ll remember to dump them in a Christmas tin for him!


Everything turned out great. There were far too many cookies (I think my sister may still be trying to get rid of them!), and they were far too delicious.

cinnamon spritzAs far as my Cinnamon Spritz cookies? Well they turned out beautifully. The consistency was just right (something I was concerned about as I baked them), and they tasted pretty good. The only complaint I received was the lack of chocolate (each cookie got a single chocolate chip).  I doubt I’ll make them again, but I’m happy it wasn’t a total disaster.

I’ve noticed several people (neighbors and folks online) spent the weekend decorating, baking cookies and going to Christmas parties. Did you do anything festive this weekend?

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