{infatuation friday}


  1. spritzCinnamon Spritz. I’m making these for my sister’s cookie exchange. (They’re in the oven as I type this.) I decided to make them because the author’s comment was “The spritz dough is so easy to work with.” I still don’t know if that’s a lie or I’ve done something wrong. Anyway, look for cookie photos on Instagram tonight!
  2. 3D Dino Cookies. Speaking of cookies, check out these 3D Dino Cookie Cutters. You can bake and assemble your own standing dinosaur cookies. How cool is that? Unfortunately for me, they aren’t sold in the States. Wahhh!
  3. Kid Stars. VH1 has revealed 60 of its 100 Greatest Kid Stars. It’s really fascinating to see where these kids are now. The site only has kid/adult photos, but I believe you can watch at least part of the show here. (Maybe just highlights? I’m not sure.) VH1 has only counted down to 61 so far (see 81-100 here and 61-80 here). Keep a lookout for the others.
  4. Hidden Expedition: Amazon. This game was the Starbucks Pick of the Week a few weeks ago. The idea is to find hidden objects that will help you move on to the next level. Hilary picked up the code for me, and I downloaded it just before Thanksgiving. I was totally obsessed for about two days, until I got stuck on a level and gave up. It’s still fun, nonetheless.
  5. hotcocoaHot Chocolate. Despite our warm days here in the South, I’m pretending the weather is cold and I’m drinking hot chocolate and saying things like “I’m so glad it’s hot chocolate weather!” Whatever.
  6. Platinum Christmas. As a Christmas-lover/90s kid, I can’t resist my Christmas tunes-turned-pop. I mean, I love the original Christmas carols (and, of course, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, She and Him… the list goes on). But Platinum Christmas? That has always been my jam. I remember listening to it as my family decorated for Christmas every year when I was a kid. And once I left for college, those were the tunes in my car during the drive home for the holidays. Seriously, other albums will have a hard time beating Platinum Christmas for me.
  7. Kids Draw Sandy. New York Times does this thing where kids draw the news, and earlier this week they asked children to draw Sandy. Some of the drawings are impressive.
  8. joshslunchJosh’s Lunch. Wanna know what’s surprisingly delicious and filling? A bowl of chicken, rice, kidney beans and corn. Josh came up with this for a quick lunch the other day.
  9. 20-Something Achievements. Thought Catalog posted last week a list of Girl Scout badges for 20-Somethings. It’s kind of funny, but there’s definitely some good advice in there too. (I realize I just killed any jokes with that sentence. Ugh.) Go read it.
  10. Winter Recipes. I’ve been updating my Winter Recipes board with lots of Christmasy things. Take a look, and excuse my obsession with holiday booze and cookies. ‘Tis the season!

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