{infatuation friday}


  1. Christmas. So, um, I’m that girl this year. You know–the one who decorates for Christmas before Thanksgiving has even begun. Honestly , I usually wait until Thanksgiving day or Black Friday to decorate, but we got started a little earlier this year; I knew Josh could help me Wednesday, and he may not have another chance until after December 1. I need a solid month of enjoying my decorations. I love Christmas too much to celebrate any less.
  2. Secession. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably hear that the majority (actually, all at this point) of the states in the U.S. petitioned for secession from the United States over the past week. I doubt it would actually happen (financially, many states can’t afford it; also, there’s talk of secession being illegal since the end of the Civil War–I’m still looking into that), though I am concerned that enough people signed in seven states to elicit an administrative response. On a lighter note, since I live in Alabama, I’ll share with you a list I found of 10 reasons why Alabama should secede. Hee-larious.
  3. Thanksgiving. It’s less than a week away, and I’m getting more excited/nervous. I’m still pinning things to my Thanksgiving board. It’s gone beyond recipes; it now includes tips and tricks for planning and keeping things less-than-hectic. Go check it out!
  4. Couples pages. Facebook has created couples pages. According to CNN, plenty of people are “irked” by this change because, much like friendship pages, couples aren’t allowed to decided whether they want one–it’s automatically created for them. I think it’s pointless, but I don’t care either way. Mine still looks like the old Facebook, but I hear they’re changing all of these to timeline. (I’ve also heard they’ve been around for a while; I don’t know and don’t care.) If you’re in a relationship and want to see your couples page, visit facebook.com/us.
  5. Grownup Things. I feel like I talk about this a lot. I’m sort of an in-betweener when it comes to grownup things. I have to be grown up in some areas like paying bills, balancing my checkbook, going to work and being a generally responsible human being. But there are other areas (marriage, children) in which I’m not quite there yet. It’s all very confusing and awkward, and it becomes more confusing and awkward when I see friends who are there. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.) I found this article this week, and it kind of sums up my life right now and has some good advice like “When you run on the treadmill and the person next to you is going faster, don’t turn your machine up! They may not be planning to go as long or wanting to accomplish the same things as you.”
  6. Twinkies. I found out today that Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, is going out of business. When I first saw the headline, my first thought was how incredibly similar this is to Zombieland (I’m imagining some big dude searching the entire continental U.S. for the last remaining Twinkie). Then I read more, and the 18,500 layoffs to come in the next week or so made it a lot less funny.
  7. Black Friday. I momentarily discussed Black Friday last week and linked you to a few places to find good deals. This week, I’m linking to some buying advice: 10 things not to buy on Black Friday.
  8. Quidditch Pong. Guys, this actually exists! Rules here.
  9. 90s Kids. I very frequently get nostalgic about my childhood. In fact, just the other day Hilary and I were reminiscing about the good ol’ days (AKA 6th grade) when we’d watch the boys in our class attempt to snort crushed Sweet Tarts and shoot spitballs and bits of those weird sticky hand things at the classroom ceiling. (Interactive version of sticky hand here) Yesterday, I found a list of 10 things that brought me back to my childhood: 10 Ways 90s Kids Made It Through Elementary School. YES.
  10. Holiday Movies. I’ve decided that in order to watch all the Christmas movies we want need to watch, Josh and I should probably watch two movies a day, starting today. There are so many! Sidenote: this will be the first year in three years or so that I haven’t had cable at Christmas time. So no 25 Days of Christmas for me. (Or maybe I can create my own?)

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