This is Halloween (Halloween! Halloween!)

I woke up this morning with some Taylor Swift in my head. But then I realized it’s Halloween, and “This is Halloween” from Nightmare Before Christmas has replaced Swifty’s song.

Anyway, I’m a lot more excited about today than I thought I’d be. There’s a lot of great stuff going on.

Today, there is a Halloween costume contest at my work. I generally don’t dress up, but Josh kind of hinted that I was being a grouch about the contest (I think I initially used the word “tacky” to describe wearing a costume to work), so I told him I’d take some cat ears or something for a little Halloween spirit. I ended up packing my felt moose antlers instead. Hey, whatever works, right?

I did get a little more spirit this morning when I put on my Halloween socks (I got them in a Halloween package with a card and some other cool holiday treats from my dad a few years back) and my special Halloween bracelet from Josh’s niece. Actually–I’ll be honest here–I was really excited to wear them.

(Side story: When I was in seventh grade, I had Halloween toe socks. They were striped with black, purple, white and orange, and each big toe had a little white ghost glued to it. I thought they were coolest pair of socks ever, and I wore them every Halloween for several years until, one day, my toe poked through beneath the ghost. I wasn’t too happy about throwing those socks away.)

Probably the best part of my day was when I got a text from my best friend. She sent a cute photo she made in Bubble Frame with a note that said “Happy Halloversary!!!” (We met on Halloween 12 years ago and have been best friends ever since.)

Tonight, Josh and I are going to see her and my sister. We’re going to watch Halloween movies and eat s’mores. I’m bringing a peach cobbler. (Hilary requested it–something about how I owe her a treat for our anniversary.)

So, today seems pretty good, especially considering I’m not much of a Halloween person.

Anyway, this was my long-winded way of saying…

Happy Halloween!

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