You’re Invited: Halloween finger food party

My imaginary Halloween party would be this weekend, if it actually existed (the party, not the weekend, of course). So my mind has been on Halloween party food.

I’ve been mulling over what kinds of snacks, desserts and drinks my guests would enjoy. Would they want themed food? Or would something simple do just fine?

Well, I decided on a combination of the two. Besides deviled eggs, I chose not to theme my snacks. I refuse to eat finger foods that look like fingers or the bits of the walking dead. It’s just gross. No, my food looks like real food. However, I can’t resist a good themed treat or drink.

Just taste for yourself:


  1. Baked Mozzarella Bites
  2. Jalapeno Poppers
  3. Pecan Fried Okra
  4. Bacon Grits Fritters
  5. Pesto Deviled Eggs


  1. Chocolate-Covered Pumpkin Pretzels
  2. Toothy Skull Cupcake
  3. Glittery Pumpkin Cake
  4. Halloween Party Popcorn
  5. Inside-Out S’mores


  1. Pick Your Poison Punch
  2. Butterbeer
  3. Non-alcoholic Butterbeer
  4. Zombie Cocktail
  5. Non-alcoholic Cemetery Slime Punch

I love food (and drinks!) too much to stop there. You can find more of my favorite Halloween recipes on my “Halloweeny” Pinterest board.

If you have a favorite Halloween recipe, I’d love to see it! Share your recipes in the comments.

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