You’re Invited: Halloween costume party

I’m not Halloween’s biggest fan. That’s not because I actually hate the holiday; it just never seems to go as planned. The main reason is my costumes almost never turn out how I want them to.

I’ve had big plans for awesome costumes. Two years ago, I was Ke$ha. I ended up looking like a spoof (I guess that worked… maybe). Last year, I had plans to be a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold–no joke. (This was more of an excuse to buy glittery gold heels, to be honest). There have been many other failures too.

I’ve realized there are two things that go wrong in my costume-planning process, and they lead to the ultimate failure of said costume: time and money.

Each year, I tell myself I’ll start planning my costume early. Like, after-Christmas early. Then I don’t. The problem that arises from this is I refuse to spend obnoxious amounts of money on a costume I’ll wear once (maybe twice, if I find two places to go one year). So, those $50-100 costumes I’ve seen online? Not happening. Unfortunately, by not planning before September rolls around, I put myself in a position where I have to spend big bucks on a costume or go with the cat ears again.

But a girl can still dream, right? Just like I’ve daydreamed about the music I’d play if I threw a Halloween party, I’ve also imagined what costume I might wear.

Today, Stuff Mom Never Told You posted several links to not-so-sexy halloween costumes, and I’ve found a few I like. Some of these are super-cheap/easy, while others take more time and money.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Susan B. Anthony. She’s pretty much a heroine for all feminists (and should be for all females, too). She dedicated her life to women’s rights to vote. This costume would be cool because 1) Susan B. Anthony was kind of a bad-ass, and 2) most people would get the reference.
  2. Athena. Going to a Halloween party dressed as the goddess of wisdom and war strategy is probably the coolest costume I can think of. I like the idea of using the helmet, shield and spear rather than the well-known short dress with an olive branch. Because, let’s be honest here, the real Athena is way sexier than the one with a short hem.
  3. Woman Having It All. This one was just funny to me. Plus, I enjoy the simplicity of it. It’s easy: wear a business outfit and carry around a briefcase with a baby doll sticking out of it. Made me giggle.
  4. A Piece of Meat. This is another that made me laugh. I love that it pokes fun at the costumes many girls wear for Halloween. Of course, if you wanted to confuse people, you could totally make it a sexy piece of meat.
  5. Rosie the Riveter. For the past few weeks, I’ve toyed with using this costume this year. I just worry that it might be overused.
  6. Queen Elizabeth I. She’s one of my favorite women of history (obviously, since she’s on this list). I love how she kind of just made herself queen and rubbed it in her opponents’ faces by actually doing a good job of running the country. Bam!
  7. Beatnik. Umm.. let me just state for the record that I have successfully dressed as a beatnik. (I’m telling you, I can only do this for non-Halloween events!) It was for a class project, but I think it still counts. It’s an easy and cheap costume, so I’m all for it.
  8. Medusa. I like Medusa. She’s scary and cool at the same time–definitely one of my favorite people (gods?) to hate. This would be a pretty cool homemade costume.
  9. Golden Girls. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this one! Get a group of gals together and be the cast of the Golden Girls. Or, if you want to dress up solo, another fantastic character is Grandma Yetta from The Nanny (it’s a great excuse to wear a fanny pack).
  10. Jay and Silent Bob. There are no words. (Just a warning: some of the photos in the slideshow–should you click through–are very, very tasteless.) You can read a how-to for this costume on eHow.

If you are dressing up this year, what will you be? If not, are there any costumes you’ve seen that you thought were funny/interesting? I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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