Romney vs. Obama: Round 1

It’s funny to think of Obama and Romney duking it, but tonight will be their first round in the election ring.

Tonight is the first of three presidential debates. Since it begins in less than an hour, I’m just gonna give you a quick rundown of what I’ve seen this week.

Quick Facts:

Who? Pres. Barack Obama; Mitt Romney
What? Debate on domestic policies
When? 9 p.m. EST
Where? Denver, Colorado

The debate will air on CBS. Additionally, YouTube will stream the debate and Tumblr will host a live-gif.

Thoughts from other web sites:

3 Tech Issues We’re Hoping Come Up At Tonight’s Debate from Mashable

Where Obama and Romney Stand on Space Exploration from Mashable

Why Mitt Romney Is Trapped By His Negative Narrative from The Daily Beast

Obama Is the True George W. Bush Clone on Failed Economic Policy from The Daily Beast

It’s not much, but hopefully it will get your wheels turning before (and maybe after?) the first round of debates.

Photo via Mashable.

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