{infatuation friday}


  1. Peach Fuzzy Navel. I have a confession: Until this week, I had never tasted a peach fuzzy navel. I know, right? I’ve totally been missing out. Anyway, now I’ve been introduced to this amazing drink, thanks to Seagram’s.
  2. Corey Smith. On my drive home from work yesterday, I was listening to my favorite radio station (as usual) and heard the DJ announce they were broadcasting live from the Wal-Mart near my sister’s home. I called her immediately to let her know they were giving away free hot dogs and a chance to win tickets to see Corey Smith live in concert. I got a text from her today saying she won the tickets! How cool is that?!?
  3. Must Love Cats. No, not the show (though if you haven’t seen it, you really should). I have a newly-created cat board on Pinterest, dedicated to none other than our feline friends. This is some good stuff, folks.
  4. Raising Hope. I have been a huge Raising Hope fan since season one (sadly, though, I wasn’t able to watch the second half of last season… boo). Now I have another reason to get excited about the show. As a sort of promotion for the new season, the network is hosting a contest in which the winner will have actors Martha Plimpton (Virginia) and Garret Dillahunt (Burt) clean their home and care for their lawn. I’d love to win this for my mom, since I have no need for anything like it (my apartment only about 800 square feet and I have no yard). If you’re interested, you can enter here.
  5. Guardsman Furniture Touch-Up Markers. My sister found this in Kirkland’s last weekend and decided to try it on some of her wooden furniture that had a few scratches. It worked really nicely at covering the damaged areas. The color blended really well, so without looking really hard, it looks as if it was never scratched. (I wish we had thought to take some before/after shots so you could see what I mean, but we didn’t think about it at the time. However, I found a good example here.) I have no idea how well this works for major damages, like the place on Josh’s rocking chair that a dog practically chewed off. If anyone has tried to cover up damages like that, let me know how you did it!
  6. Vote. With elections approaching, I can’t help but turn into that gal on the soapbox. I try to stop, but I can’t. So here’s my little rant. (Ha! That rhymed.) If you haven’t registered to vote, your deadline is quickly approaching. So go register and vote this year! To learn about your state’s deadlines for voter registration, absentee ballot requests and early in-person voting, visit apps.npr.org/early-voting-2012. (You’re lucky. You only got to see a very small portion of Soapbox Amanda.)
  7. The Facebook Bug. I’m sure you’ve already seen plenty of people on the interwebs freaking out about a supposed Facebook bug that allegedly posts messages from 2010 and earlier, making them look like regular wall posts. Here are my thoughts: 1) It’s bogus; it seemed skeptical from the start. 2) Want to know how to commence widespread panic? Use the Internet. (Remember how just a few weeks ago, Anon claimed to have taken over GoDaddy?) 3) Mashable debunked the rumors about Facebook earlier this week. So, yeah. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing really to worry about.
  8. Halloween. Ugh, Halloween is nearly a month away, and I still haven’t decided on a costume (or what exactly to do, for that matter). Not cool. I’m hoping to make it to the local Rocky Horror show this year. I’d love to dress as a character from the movie and enter the costume contest, but let’s be honest… I’ll probably just be a cat again.
  9. Princess Bride. Tuesday was the 25th anniversary of Princess Bride’s release. The cast has plans to reunite at this year’s New York Film Festival. (I may or may not have geeked out about all of this.)
  10. Gangnam Style. I don’t get it. There are far too many jokes about this, and I feel so out of the loop. No, David Frum, you were not the last one on the planet to watch the video, since, despite reading the piece on the Daily Beast about it, I still have yet to see it myself (guess I know what I’m doing this weekend). Anyway, for those of you who actually get the jokes, ThinkGeek is selling limited edition “Gundam Style” t-shirts this weekend only. Have at it.

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