{infatuation friday}


  1. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away. Because most people experience this at least once, right? Right.
  2. Brownie Pops. Earlier this week, Hilary and I made brownie pops using Pillsbury’s Funfetti Brownie Pop Kit. They were adorable and delicious. However, I’ve sworn off ever making them again because they took three hours to make. Seriously, all we wanted to do those three hours was devour brownies. They almost didn’t turn into pops.
  3. Fall. Umm… how is summer already almost over? It went by too fast. Guess I’ll just have to eat a lot of pumpkin and butternut squash to make myself feel better. Sidenote: Since the weather has been so nice and fallsy this week, I figured I’d have lunch outside today–terrible, terrible choice. I guess summer is still fighting for its spot as current season.
  4. Dear You. Do you ever feel like you’re just running in circles and what you’re doing doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things? I’ve been there for what I think is far too long. But this letter–it’s super uplifting and gave me a lot of encouragement. If you’re going through the same thing, I hope it encourages you too.
  5. Curls. So I’ve been curling my hair a lot this week. Okay, so maybe once or twice, but that’s a lot for me (since I just let it do its own thang for the most part). And maybe they’re just waves, since my hair is just too long and heavy to really hold a good curl. But it sound pretty boring if I told you I’ve occasionally waved my hair in the past week. Whatever. (The picture is from when my hair was short enough to keep curls.)
  6. Pirates. Talk Like A Pirate Day was on Wednesday. It was really cool to see what publications and companies did to incorporate it into their advertising. (I’m officially a geek.) Also, I thought this Nat Geo post about how real pirates actually talked was pretty darn interesting.
  7. Oktoberfest. Last weekend my sister, Josh and I took a little trip to my dad’s house to go to Oktoberfest. It was the first time I’d been in two years, and it was Josh’s first time. It was fun to just hang out, listen to music and drink some German beer. The downside was that I don’t eat pork, and ohmygoodness the brats and schnitzel were totally taunting me. And we won’t talk about how I was certain I would die on the ferris wheel.
  8. Apple Maps. It seems that Apple ditching Google to create its own maps hasn’t worked out so well. But we get to enjoy some pretty hilarious screenshots of the world according to Apple Maps, thanks to this Tumblr page and this imgur. (Photo credit: ThumbsDowniOS6 at imgur)
  9. Muslim Rage. In case you’re unaware, Newsweek published a yellow-journalism-style cover earlier this week. Here’s what ensued: #MuslimRage as a trending topic on Twitter, featuring satirical tweets by Muslims. (The hashtag was created by Newsweek as an attempt to start a conversation about the cover.) And, of course, it doesn’t stop there; another trending topic emerged as #MuslinRage about a cotton-like fabric.
  10. 8-Bit Election Brawl. Probably the most perfect way to end the workweek is by watching Obama and Romney duke it out 8-bit style. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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