Argh! Get yer pirate-speak on, mateys!

I seriously considered writing an entire post but decided against it because 1) you would probably be annoyed with me after about two sentences, 2) it’s kind hard to come up with an entire blog post in pirate talk and 3) I don’t really know which words are okay to use and which aren’t. (I was going to use “scallywags” in the title but thought it might be a good idea to look it up and make sure it’s not offensive. And, yep, it’s totally offensive. Lesson of the day.)

Anyway, by now you’ve probably realized it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. I wish I would’ve known before today. I would have had time to prepare and read up on piratey language. Okay, probably not. But I still would have liked to have known!

There have been some pretty cool things going on on Facebook in celebration of pirates (besides me switching my language to Pirate, which I totally did). I realized it was Talk Like A Pirate Day when ThinkGeek posted this photo of the letter “R” (seen above) on it’s wall and announced “*Today be brought to ye by the letter arrrr.* Happy Talk like a Pirate Day, ol’ meatsacks!” Ha! Isn’t that just great?

Then Disney made a reference to Jack Sparrow (of course), which I enjoyed because I’ve always liked Jack. So maybe it was just a photo captioned “Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!” I still liked it.

And Krispy Kreme posted (excuse me… hoisted) some awesome photos of customers dressed as pirates. Ah! I love it!

Did you speak like or dress up as a pirate today? I’d love to know whether/how you celebrated!

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