Happy Blogiversary!

Today, this blog is one year old. So instead of having another {infatuation friday}, let’s celebrate by looking back at some highlights of the past year.

(Inspiration for this blogiversary post was from Healthy Tipping Point’s fourth blogiversary.)



Since I started this blog, I’ve…

Started interning for a magazine publishing company (and they throw an awesome Tacky Christmas party!),

Graduated college,

and Moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend.

In the past year, I’ve written 47 blog posts. Among those are…

My Five favorite posts:

  1. What I’m into this week. Although this isn’t my best writing, it’s probably my most favorite post since it was the precursor to {infatuation friday}.
  2. My Summer Reading List. It was so much fun to look around online and find a bunch of books I wanted to read. Once I started the list, I found it hard to stop (just don’t ask me how many books I’ve crossed off).
  3. I love my dad. This was a big deal to me because it’s not something I write about much or share with my dad. It was kind of therapeutic.
  4. Adventures of week one. The first week in our new apartment was insane!
  5. Review: My Thoughts on Bubble Frame. This was so much fun to write! It was really interesting to write a little differently than usual.

MY Favorite recipe:

The Most popular post:

The Most-Commented Post:

The blog’s first comment:

The first post to the blog:

It hasn’t been much–let’s be honest, less than 50 posts in a year isn’t necessarily something to admire–but this past year of blogging has been really exciting and adventurous for me, particularly since I started writing more this summer.

I hope to see this blog continue to grow over the next year, and I can’t wait to find out what amazing things will happen in that time.

If you have a favorite post from the past year, I’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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