{infatuation friday}

For your enjoyment:

  1. Salmon. I bought salmon this week and tried this really easy recipe. Josh loved it! (I wasn’t a fan of the lemony taste, but that could be because I wasn’t able to eat it freshly-cooked; I had to eat it, microwaved, for lunch the next day)
  2. School stuff. It seems like everyone started classes this week. Monday morning my Facebook news feed was filled with photos of kids starting their first day of kindergarten or going back to their elementary schools. Then so many of my friends were posting about their first day back (or first day in general) to college. And I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m super stoked to have finished and have my degree, but it’s all a little bittersweet now that the fall semester has begun. I don’t think it’s completely hit me yet that I won’t have to go to class again anytime soon (I have yet to burst into tears over it), but it still feels very strange. It’s like I identified as a student for so long, and now I don’t know my own identity. Of course, I can’t be a student forever (right, Van Wilder?). I’ll get over this soon. It’s just this first week or so of classes (or my lack thereof) is making me feel weird. On top of that, I have a whole lot of other things going on that I just prefer to not write about at this moment. However, I read a few blog posts earlier this week that made me feel a little better about all of this. You can read them here, here and here.
  3. Hunter HayesThe first time I heard Hunter Hayes sing Storm Warning, I thought I was listening to Rascal Flatts (no joke). Then I saw him in a music video and was all Whaaat?!?!? Now I’m a little bit in love with Mr. Hayes, thanks to Wanted. It is just too sweet! (You can download his album or singles here.)
  4. RIF. I completely love this organization. They have wonderful ideas for getting children to read (so does ReadKiddoRead!) both on the blog and on Facebook. If you have kids, grandkids, neices, nephews, or any other children in your life, this is a great resource! They also have a wonderful program to get book into the hands of children who ordinarily wouldn’t have the resources to learn how to read. It’s called Book People Unite. As a plus, you get to watch a really cute video when you go to the site. (Photo taken from RIF’s Facebook page)
  5. One Thing. Josh and I hang out at the apartment singing One Direction songs probably too much. One Thing wins the prize for most-sung. So I downloaded it. It was necessary. Don’t question it.
  6. Wisdom. Remember how I talked about 20-something things last week? Well, I’ve been reading more this week. I’m working on collecting my favorites on a Pinboard. Go take a look every now and then; I’ll pin new articles as I find them.
  7. How I Met Your Mother. I’ve been a fan for a few years, but I’ve only ever caught reruns sporadically on several different networks. However, a couple of weeks ago I started watching the entire series from the beginning on Netflix. This makes me happy.
  8. Baked Ziti. I did this for my mom last month when she had surgery, and it worked so well as a time-saver that I decided to try it again this week (but this time, for me). I followed the recipe for this Low Fat Baked Ziti with Spinach. Once I had finished making it, I let it cool while I cleaned up my mess. When it was cool enough, I cut the ziti into eight squares (which is how many servings the recipes says it makes), put them in freezer-safe zipper bags and stored them in the freezer. Now I just have to defrost what I need throughout the week and reheat it for a quick dinner. A few tips for this: use smaller bags and just one square per bag so you don’t have to defrost more than you want to eat. Also, this works better if you refrigerate the ziti before cutting it; it all stays together a lot more nicely that way. (Photo is of the Ziti I made for my mom.)
  9. Bubble Mania. I know I mentioned this just last week, but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning again. When I added this to last week’s post, I hadn’t tried it yet; my dad had suggested it. And ohmygosh it’s so much fun–and free! (If you don’t believe me, read a candid review of it here.)
  10. Fifty Shades. My best friend told me I need to read it, so now I have the trilogy on my iPad. I guess it could be interesting to know what all the hype is about. I just hope it’s not like the Twilight books. I couldn’t even get through the first chapter of the first book. Follow my Goodreads to see how I’m progressing with the series.

Have any ideas for this weekly post? Send them to me via email or Facebook. Don’t forget to follow me around the web for updates you won’t see here!

2 responses to “{infatuation friday}

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 Off to check out your 20-something things pinboard now!

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