Review: My thoughts on Bubble Frame

Remember the Bubble Frame app I included in Friday’s post? Well, I hadn’t tried it yet when I added it to the list; I placed it there solely on my sister’s recommendation.

However, I’ve since downloaded it. So… ya wanna guess what I did all weekend?

Yeah. I may have overdone it with spamming my Facebook wall with Bubble Frame photos.

When I downloaded the app, I wasn’t really sure if it was worth $0.99, especially since I rarely buy apps. (I do love me some freebies!) But this one? Well, let’s just say I kinda sorta really love it.

For me, usually a paid app is only worth it if I’ll use it for a long time. I’m not so sure that’s the case here. I don’t know if I’ll still be interested in Bubble Frame a week from now, but I still think it was totally worth the small price.

Here’s why: I’ve already gotten tons of use from it. At first, I created collages for my family, friends and boyfriend, just for funsies.

Then I realized I could get some real use from this app, and I started making wallpapers. I made a simple yellow wallpaper for my iPad’s lock screen, then a colorful one for my home screen with photos of my immediate family, my bestie and my boyfriend.

It still took me some time to realize I could totally use it to make a desktop background for my computer. I actually didn’t make one until last night (so I still haven’t even used it yet).

The only real problem I have with the app is it won’t allow for a straight line of words; they all have to curve around a bubble. To get around it, I use Labelbox (another suggestion from my sister for Friday’s blog post) to add ribbons with text to my saved BubbleFrame photos.

My other problem? I don’t have enough photos!

So if you’re thinking about getting this app but you don’t know if you want to pay for it, just consider (maybe re-read?) the pros and cons above before you decide against the purchase. Or you could wait and see if it’s the free app of the day someday.

I’m sure I’ll still get plenty of use from the app before I’m bored with it. Now the only problem is I need to find more pictures!

(Starting tomorrow–or maybe even tonight–you can see my Bubble Frame photos on Instagram & Facebook.)

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