Up For Discussion: How to regain motivation

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lack of motivation in myself. And it’s not the normal I-should-do-something-productive-but-I’d-rather-play-on-Pinterest kind of non-motivation. It’s worse. It’s more of a I-should-definitely-write-something-but-I’d-rather-do-anything-else kind of deal.

I’m in a writer’s rut!

But, just like I know this isn’t the first or last time this has/will happen to me, I have a good feeling I’m not alone. I think everyone goes through the mundane-ness of their once-hobbies becoming chores. It just happens. But I am also pretty sure there’s a solution.

So tell me: What do you do to regain your motivation? Is there a trick you swear by to push yourself to do the things you love?

Happy discussing!

One response to “Up For Discussion: How to regain motivation

  1. Having blogged for about 8 years, I haven’t really ever had writer’s block but boy I have been burnt out. SERIOUSLY burnt… until there wasn’t more than a thread left in the wick. Here are some things I have done to get through wanting to walk away for good….

    1. Have a routine that I stick to so I can flip it around and jolt myself.
    2. Read something I wouldn’t normally read. Doesn’t matter what.
    3. Write a list of ideas out by hand so I can watch the ink flow & then put them in draft when I have a day where I kinda want to write.
    4. Clean desk. Clean computer outside and clean it up on the inside so it purrrrrs. It is kind of a “fresh start” signal to my brain.
    5. Sift through a few magazines or newspapers to see if something peeks my interest and if I have an opinion or different slant.
    6. Go to a public place and people watch.
    7. Write off topic.
    8. Put up a new header, graphic, find a new plugin…tweak something on my blog.
    9. Take computer to a different room, outside, to a coffee shop etc. Sometimes a new location will do it.
    10. Get a guest blogger and truly take some time off.

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