Your {infatuation friday}

This week, I’ve compiled a list of things you guys like. I sent a message out on Facebook and Twitter to find out what interests you, and these were some of the responses:

  1. Shark Dash. I am obsessed with this app called Shark Dash in anticipation for Shark Week!!”  Hilary R.
  2. Find My Friends. “FREE – allows me to track hubs when he geocaches so I know he is safe and not in trouble.”  Marcie B.
  3. Waze. “I love the Waze app. It’s a free GPS that not only navigates, but works as a social media app to let you know where there are accidents, speed traps, heavy traffic, cameras, etc. You can also communicate with other drivers who have the app. It’s already saved a couple of my buddy’s a potential ticket since I turned them onto it.”  Ron B.
  4. Coupon Sherpa. “FREE – Coupons for loads of retail stores! Save money!”  Marcie B.
  5. Uncaged. “The new Zac Brown Band album, Uncaged, is pretty awesome.”  Ron B.
  6. Stouffer’s Chicken Alfredo. “Chicken Alfredo stir fry. It is amazing….Its stouffer’s chicken alfredo stir fry. Kristina and me got it from wal-mart and it was well worth it.”  Glen W.
  7. Geocaching. A great way to get off the couch to go places and see things you wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s lots of fun to do in a group as well. A digital age treasure hunt.”  Ron B.
  8. Fun in your workout. “Creativity in daily exercises. Like climbing walls for arm strength, bunny hopping stairs for legs. Parkour for cardio/strength.”  Josh C.
  9. DMD Panorama. “It’s a cool way to show a whole picture without taking several….We were able to take a 360 shot of our living /dining room to show our friends and family.”  Ashley B.
  10. Evernote. “FREE – Get it for your phone as well as your computer. They’ll sync. :)”  Marcie B.

Let me know if you liked this version of {infatuation friday}. I may do this once a month! Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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