Tips on how to… uh, tip

Yesterday Josh and I had our anniversary date day (since the actual day fell on a Thursday). We hung out in a nearby shopping center, had pedicures and ate at the Cheesecake Factory (btw, I recommend their veggie burger).

This was my first professional pedi in more than three years, and it was his first, well, ever. So it was no wonder we both looked more than a little lost. He sat in the waiting area scoping everything out and looking simultaneously excited and nervous. I tried to act like it was no biggie–like I totally do this all the time (and I’m sure I looked ridiculous).

When we finally sat in the big massage chairs and had our feet in the warm water, we couldn’t stop smiling. It was such a blast!

Then it was time to pay. There was a little line on the credit card receipt for tips. I couldn’t remember how much to tip. I’m pretty sure salons pay at least minimum wage, so I don’t know if the 15-20 percent rule applies in these situations. Should I tip the way I would tip my hair stylist? I have no clue. I left a tip and worried about whether I left enough. I’ve been thinking about it since.

What do you think? If you get professional pedis, how much do you tip?

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