{infatuation friday}

This week, here are a few of my favorite things. Enjoy!

  1. Dogs. I love dogs, but I don’t want one anytime soon. At least not a puppy. I want a fat, old and lazy dog. One that sleeps through the night and rarely wants to play. Scratch that. Just give me a cat.
  2. July. There are lots of exciting things happening for this month. Among the events: my one-year dating anniversary, my birthday and my moving day.
  3. Pumpkin seeds. Can we just talk about how delish these are? I promise you, I eat them every day.
  4. Word games. I have no clue how I only just started playing these games. Last weekend, I downloaded Moxie and 7 Little Words. I play them every night before I go to sleep. (If you download Moxie, watch the instructional video before you play.)
  5. Song Pop. Super. Freaking. Awesome. I was doing really terrible until I finally earned enough coins to unlock the Disco challenge. Now I have a fighting chance against my friends who actually listen to the radio.
  6. Metalocalypse. It’s actually pretty stupid, but I chuckled a few times and that’s enough for me to watch it when I can’t sleep.
  7. Bugs. I had a really terrible and gross dream about bugs this week. And I guess I kept repeating “Ewwww…. ewwww….” in my sleep until Josh finally woke me up. I hate weird dreams like that.
  8. Reese’s Pieces Brownies. My sister made these last night. I’m not sure if it was a recipe she found, or if she just dumped a bunch of Reese’s Pieces in brownie mix. Either way, they were yummy! (And, obviously, Josh loved them.)
  9. Text Later. There’s a lot of attention on texting while driving, with ads directed to teens and young adults (and I guess at some point we’ll discuss why it shouldn’t be so limited) to express the dangers of it. For example, there’s the U.S. government’s website for distracted driving. There’s also a campaign by AT&T, with the slogan “Txting & Driving: It Can Wait.” Have you seen the commercials accompanying this campaign? They focus on people who talk about the text that changed their lives. These commercials have recieved mixed reactions from my friends. Some think they are too disturbing for TV, while others like the awareness they bring. (I’d love to know what you think too!)
  10. The Cheesecake Factory. Josh and I are going sometime this weekend as part of a date day to celebrate our anniversary. And since we discussed it, I haven’t stopped thinking about cheesecake. So. Excited.

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