The best tomato sandwich

I’ve been craving a tomato sandwich since this weekend’s visit with my dad, when I ate one of the meatiest tomatoes I have ever eaten in my life (which was apparently an Arkansas tomato). I swear I could have eaten a couple of those tomatoes and been the happiest person alive.

Eating said tomato made me think about tomato sandwiches. So my stepmom and I started discussing some of our favorite ways to eat tomato sandwiches (tomato and mayo; BLT; and tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese were among our top choices). Talking about it made me want it even more.

Then I thought about it all morning, then fixed one for lunch.


And let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

One response to “The best tomato sandwich

  1. I’m a connoisseur of tomato sandwiches. You know we have to have great tomatoes. I have had one a day since getting said great tomatoes. About to have another. This one with a banana pepper & cheese. If you ever need a lunch partner for a tomato samich, I am your girl. YUM! Enjoy! Wait, maybe with bacon today! 🙂 LOL Miss you!

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