My decision for 2012

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading several posts about the New Year ranging from recipes to parties to resolutions. However, what stuck out the most was about a new kind of resolution–one in which you choose a verb to guide you through the next year.

In the post Rachel discussed her 2011 verb and how well it worked for her. I’ve never been one to create resolutions, but I figured I should try this verb thing for myself.

My verb of choice: decide.


The definition, much like the word itself, is incredibly overwhelming to me.

For years, decision-making has terrified me. It’s a struggle just to make me decide what to eat or where to go when I’m with friends/family/my boyfriend. This verb is really going to force me to do something I don’t like, but I totally (and obviously) need to learn.

When I took a journalism ethics class this past semester, a topic that was prevalent through the entire course was learning how to make decisions. The class made me realize just how much I struggle with making decisions and sticking to them. When I had to make decisions based on made-up situations, I’d often find myself going along with what I thought I should do rather than what I wanted to do.

That very problem has been around my entire life. I’ll decide to do something based on what will make other people happy. This verb is about me learning to be happy.

My hope is that “decide” will be in my head everywhere I go, helping me make decisions about even the smallest of things (like what eat for lunch) so I can eventually decide on larger things (like what to do after I graduate, which is broad but I’m working on narrowing that one down).

So here’s to 2012 and to finally learning how to decide.

Is anyone else resolving to do something different this year?

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