My history with Halloween costumes

Halloween can be incredibly fun. It’s a chance to gorge on candy and decorate with spooky ghosts and creepy spiders. The best part though? Costume parties. I love seeing what people will come up with. Most costumes will be elaborate and well thought-out. Or just store-bought. Either way, most people will know what the costume is supposed to be.

Oh, how I love candy corn!

That is not the case when I create a costume. I’m awful at this. No joke. I’ve had little experience creating costumes–I’ve done it once or twice. As a kid, my parents always bought my costume. I’ve been a Power Ranger, a princess, and Pocahontas. Then I got older and decided costumes were too childish, so I didn’t dress up for a few years. Once I started high school, I got back into the Halloween spirit. Partly because I had to.

The best costume I ever created was for Homecoming–not Halloween.

My sophomore year, my high school put on a Halloween-themed pep rally. And since I was a cheerleader, I had to dress up. I had to find my costume the night before the pep rally (although I had known about it for weeks). I didn’t even like fairies, but that’s the costume I bought. I looked ridiculous.

My senior year of high school, I spent Halloween volunteering at my church’s Trunk-or-Treat (kind of like trick-or-treating, but with cars instead of houses). I was a cat. The (store-bought) outfit was simple: a headband with black cat ears, a tail that attaches to a belt, and a black bow tie. I’m sure this was supposed to be made into some slutty, all-bearing outfit, but I never really understood that concept. So I paired it with a nice black top, jeans, and heels. I thought it worked. Kind of.

That cat costume has been my go-to outfit ever since. Mostly. My freshman year of college, I went to a bonfire/pep rally for Halloween. Wanna guess what I was? Oh, yeah. A cat. And I’m sure if I would have done anything the following year, I would have been a cat then.

Oh, look–it’s the beloved cat costume.

Last year, I was Ke$ha. The costume looked like a spoof (which I think might have worked). Plus the wig itched, so I left it in the car when I went to the party I was attending. No one knew who I was supposed to be.

And here’s my failed attempt at Ke$ha.

This year, I’ll be spending Halloween weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday. That means I will (thankfully) not have to prepare a costume. I wish I had the creativity to turn myself into something amazing like Flo or, if my boyfriend decides to be Diemon Dave, I could be his ninjetta. But we all know what happens when I try to make a costume. So if something comes up mid-week, you can be sure I’ll be a cat. Again.

Am I the only one who can’t seem to make her own costume? Tell me about your (mis)adventures in planning costumes.

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