Getting ready to say goodbye to warm weather

Ohmygoodness fall is here! Unfortunately, decorations are not up yet (not that it matters that much, since we only have a handful). My roommate and I planned to decorate Saturday night after we got home from the football game. However, we hadn’t planned on being so sunburned and exhausted.

But this weekend did bring some good things.

Remember the surprise muffins I told you about last week? They happened. And they were delicious. That’s right: French Toast Muffins.

We filled the cups in the first batch a little too much. I think the recipe was supposed to make 24 muffins, but we ended up with 20. The first batch inflated too much, and we didn’t have toothpicks, so we improvised other cooking utensils to poke holes. So the first twelve looked like this:

Of course, I didn’t think to grab my camera until most of the powdered sugar had soaked into the syrup. Oops. They looked even more incredible when they were freshly-powdered.

If you click the link to the recipe for these, be sure to check out some of the other posts on that blog–there are plenty of other yummy-looking recipes.

Another part of my weekend that made me smile: my mom sent pumpkin bread! One of the reasons I look forward to fall is all the pumpkin-ness. I enjoy making pumpkin chili, I like Starbucks’ pumkin latte, and i love when my mom makes pumpkin bread.

She made a mini loaf for me and each of my roommates, and I have to say I’m pretty excited. Now that fall is here, and pumpkin is ready to be eaten, I just have to wait for the weather to catch up.

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